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5 Easy Detox Drinks to Rejuvenate from Within

Tired of eating all that festive food loaded with those nasty calories and carbs? Well, all you need is a detox.

A detox diet will not only flush out all the toxins and cleanse your from within but also increases your energy level and your overall well-being.

Of course, drinking a water keeps you hydrated and refreshed, but a detox drink does much more than keeping you clean in and out. Try these 5 easy Detox Drinks.

Pulp Beet Carrot Cucumber Juice - 5 Easy Detox Drinks

Image Courtesy: Breville USA used under the Creative Commons Licence

Here are 5 easy detox drink recipes to rejuvenate you from within.

1. Beet, ginger and lime

The functioning of the liver is important to keep the metabolism of the body and skin intact and hence cleansing it is quite crucial. All you need is two medium sized beets, an inch of ginger, juice of one lemon, and a small bunch of cilantro. Just blend them all together and strain it. Enjoy the drink on an empty stomach.

Beet-Carrot-Orange Quencher -  Detox Drinks to Rejuvenate from Within

Image Courtesy: Breville USA used under the Creative Commons Licence

2. Honey, ginger and lime

ginger lime water - 5 Easy Detox Drinks

Image Courtesy: Chris Conway, Hilleary Osheroff used under the Creative Commons Licence

The easiest and the simplest of all detox drinks, lemon and ginger are known to have excellent antioxidant and digestive properties. Plus adding a dab of honey will give it a sweet note. Known to be extremely helpful in cleaning the digestive system, this drink will make you feel rejuvenated in no time. You just have to add a tsp of honey, the juice of a half a lemon to a glass of water, and then grate your ginger into the glass. You can have it warm or cool, on an empty stomach, usually in the mornings. 

3. Green Detox Drink

This vegetable detox drink is made up primarily of green vegetables, providing an effective natural body cleanse of the digestive system.

You will need a carrot, couple of kale leaves, 1 celery stalks, 1 beet, a handful of spinach and parsley. Mix all ingredients with water and puree in a blender. Packed with iron, vitamin C and antioxidants, this drink is sure to leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

green detox drink - 5 Easy Detox Drinks

Image Courtesy: Robert Gourley used under the Creative Commons Licence

4. Tomato and Basil Smoothie

Sounds interesting right? Well, this drink is nothing short of a pizza and has all the ingredients that are used as a topping on a pizza. Get creative with the ingredients and make your own detox smoothie with basil, tomato, bell peppers, kale and garlic. This drink is packed with lycopene, carotenoids, and antioxidants which is known to improve your immune ststem aid digestion better.

tomato basil smoothie - Detox Drinks

Image Courtesy: rpavich used under the Creative Commons Licence

5. Turmeric Detox Smoothie

Also known as the golden detox drink, this is the best drink for your digestive system. Turmeric has antibacterial properties which is also known to fight against cancer causing elements. This detox drink has an equal measure of hot and cold water, along with a generous pinch of turmeric, grated fresh ginger, a dab of honey, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and juice from 1/2 a lemon. Blend them all together for a clean and clear digestive and immune system. It is also beneficial for the heart and skin.

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