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5 Easy Asian Desserts in Less than 15 minutes

Asian desserts are not always as tough to master as they look. They are easy as well as delicious and their flavour refuses get off of one’s tongue. Spices from across the world also play a large role in the preparation of Asian desserts and they add great flavour to it. Saffron, Cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg are just a few of the spices that are used in Asian desserts which also use a variety of other interesting ingredients.

Here are 5 Asian desserts that you can make in less than 15 minutes 

1. Soy milk jellies with coffee syrup

This is a Vietnamese dish as they are quite fond of coffee. This dessert is simple and tastes wonderful. Its a perfect combination of barely set jelly flavoured with milk and a shot of strong coffee based syrup. You can make this syrup in bulk as it doesn’t spoil very soon and can be used over ice cream.

2. Green Tea Ice Cream

For all you tea lovers out there this ice cream  is sure to leave you craving for more. Green tea ice cream or matcha ice is a Japanese ice cream flavor. This flavor is extremely popular in Japan and other parts of East Asia.  This is a stunning green coloured dessert that looks gorgeous on a serving plate and the flavour of tea is something that will never let you go. You can serve it with some fresh seasonal fruit and cream to enhance the flavour.

Green tea jelly - 5 Easy Asian Desserts

Image Courtesy: Chris Chen 陳依勤 used under the Creative Commons Licence

3. Sweet potato jellies (imo yokan)

This Japanese dessert is the perfect combination of health and delectable taste. Sweet potato in a dessert is as healthy as a dessert can get and it goes perfectly well with green tea. But the best part of this dish is that it requires only 3 ingredients, white sugar, gelatine and some sweet potato.

4. Fruit salad with pandan jelly

This fruit salad is cool and visually appealing as it has a yummy pandan (Pandan leaves) jelly with strawberries, other fresh fruits and other tropical fruits. This is a refreshing twist to an ordinary fruit salad and the taste is sure to take you to cloud 9.

fruit salad - 5 Easy Asian Desserts in Less than 15 minutes

Image Courtesy: Google Royalty Free Image

5. Osmanthus cake

This delicious cake is usually eaten during the Chinese Moon Festival. They are pungent because of the Osmanthus flowers in them. Osmanthus flowers are a moon festival special as they are a part of the sacrifices offered to the Moon Goddess on the Moon Festival. Osmanthus cake is easy to make and hardly takes any time.

osmanthus jelly - 5 Easy Asian Desserts

Image Courtesy: Dennis Wong used under the Creative Commons Licence

Try this delicious Osmanthus cake made in 5 simple steps.

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