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5 Delicious Japanese Desserts

Who wouldn’t love desserts? In fact, if you spell the word stressed backwards you get dessert! And it’s all about de-stressing yourself when you dig into a bowl of Japanese dessert, of course in decent proportions. Japanese cuisines do not include desserts in their regular meals however, fruits are served at the end of a meal and desserts are usually consumed with tea or as a snack through mid-day.

Japanese traditional sweets are called Wagashi, made with anko (sweet bean paste) and mocha (rice cake made with glutinous rice).

Wagashi can be categorised according to the method of cooking as moisture plays an important role in their shelf-life. Fresh Namagashi, semi-fresh Han-namagashi, and dry Higashi are the three kinds of wagashi that are quite popular.

Here are five delicious Japanese desserts you must savour.


Delicious Japanese Desserts - Sakuramochi

Image Courtesy: Yuichi Sakuraba used under the Creative Commons Licence

Sakuramochi is a Japanese dessert made of glutinous rice filled with sweet bean red paste and wrapped in a sakura (cherry blossom) leaf which is also edible. It makes for an easy Japanese dessert recipe and is traditionally enjoyed during Hinamatsuri (Japanese Girls’ Day) during the first week of March to celebrate the onset of spring and to wish good luck and good health for all of the little girls in the family.


5 Delicious Japanese Desserts - Amanatto

Image Courtesy: Brandie Kajino used under the Creative Commons Licence

Amanatto is yet another Japanese dessert made of azuki or other beans boiled in sugar water and covered with sugar, after drying it. Just like apple and cinnamon, beans and sugar make an amazing combination. Amanatto is often made with black soybeans or a colorful collection of various beans. It is quite popular with people over 60 and most commonly served with tea at retirement homes in Japan.

Kōhī zerī (Kohi Zeri)

Delicious Japanese Desserts - Kōhī zerī

Image Courtesy: I Believe I Can Fry used under the Creative Commons Licence

Also known as coffee jelly is a popular gelatinous Japanese dessert made of sweetened black coffee and agar jelly. It is often served with ice cream, milkshakes and sundaes for additional flavor and texture.


Delicious Japanese Desserts - Uiro

Image Courtesy: yukari abe used under the Creative Commons Licence

Uiro is a traditional Japanese dessert made using rice flour mixed with sugar and water which is poured into a mould and steamed. They’re chewy and slightly sweet and come in various flavors such as matcha green tea, sakura, strawberry and chestnut. Uiro often served with Japanese green tea and it makes for a quick and easy Japanese dessert.


Delicious Japanese Desserts - Karukan

Image Courtesy: n_yoder used under the Creative Commons Licence

A regional speciality of Kyushu, is an easy Japanese dessert recipe that is made using rice flour, sugar and grated Japanese yam which are steamed into cakes. It is spongy and light and is eaten during all seasons especially during winters as yam keeps you warm.

Other Japanese desserts include Taiyaki, Monaka, Manju, Kuzumochi, Kusa Mochi and Kompeito. Enjoy these while in Japan.

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