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5 Chinese Utensils You Should Have

Preparing a perfect meal can be quite a mountain to climb. Usually, it’s the ingredients that go wrong. But sometimes, the fault lies in the type of utensil that’s used.

Asian Inspirations lists down 5 Chinese Cooking utensils that your kitchen shelves absolutely must hold if you wish to make the preparation of Chinese meals a total breeze.


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A versatile utensil and extremely useful in an Asian household, it goes without saying that a wok is your best friend while preparing that perfect Chinese stir-fry. Make sure you own one, flat-bottomed or round-bottomed.


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There is a lot of dicing, slicing and mincing involved in Chinese cooking. Chinese cuisine is meat-heavy, with pork-based dishes often grabbing the limelight. So, do invest in a good cleaver.


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It’s not enough if you have a wok handy, you need a spatula to scoop out vegetables and meats from inside the walls of the wok.  Boiling dumplings and deep-fried vegetables can be hard to remove using a simple ladle, so a spatula will help you out here.


Bamboo Steamer
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The best dumplings hold one secret – they’re steamed and stored in bamboo steamers. That’s what keeps them soft and fresh. They can be stacked one on top of another, so it’s very convenient to store them, too!

Pestle and Mortar

Pestle and Mortar
Image Courtesy: stu_spivack used under the Creative Commons Licence

If you are into authentic flavours and don’t a bit of extra hard work, try grinding and pounding your herbs using a pestle and mortar instead of a  blender. Because of how the ingredients are broken down by pounding, they release more flavours to pack a delicious punch.

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