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5 Chinese Fruits for Good Health and Skin

Certain fruits that grow in China are known to have various health advantages and when added to your diet, they significantly help improve the quality of your skin. The next time you’re out shopping, these Chinese fruits for good health and skin must be added to your fruit basket.

1. Nashi Pear


Image Courtesy: Sandy Austin used under the Creative Commons Licence

Nashi pear is native to China, and has plenty of health benefits. The fruit is rich in fibre, low in calories, and contains a number of micro-nutrients that are important for skin, blood, bone and cardiovascular health. Nashi pears are believed to help aid problems such as mild indigestion, fluid retention, constipation, colic and liver disorders. These pears can be eaten fresh or tinned and are used in preparing desserts too.

2. Kiwifruit


Image Courtesy: annemiel used under the Creative Commons Licence

Kiwifruits were originally known as Chinese gooseberries as they originate from China. Apart from their use in several Chinese dishes, kiwifruits have many nutritional benefits. Each kiwi berry is full of anti-oxidants, fibres, minerals and vitamins. They are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are believed to help reduce the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease. Chinese gooseberries contain minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron and manganese, which act as powerful anti-oxidants that are believed to have bone strengthening minerals.

3. Kumquat


Image Courtesy: Manuel M. V. used under the Creative Commons Licence

Kumquat is an oval-shaped fruit that looks like an orange but is smaller in size. The fruit is slightly bitter-sweet and is eaten as a whole with its skin. They are considered to be extremely healthy as they are innately rich in vitamins. The presence of vitamins makes the fruit a powerful anti-oxidant which improves healing, and is supposed to help give a healthy glow. They are also believed to protect from diabetes, inflammation, and early ageing.

4. Lychee


Image Courtesy: Emilie Hardman used under the Creative Commons Licence

Lychees are small, sweet fruits packed with healthy nutrients. The pulp is full of flavonoids that many believe help fight acne and minor skin infections. They are believed to protect against strokes and coronary heart diseases as they normalise blood pressure and heart rate. They aid in digestion and help maintain a clean stomach. Minerals such as zinc, copper and magnesium increase the assimilation of calcium, which is supposed to strengthen brittle bones. Lychees are also an excellent source of vitamin C and B. They come with anti-ageing benefits, skin-friendly nutrients and weight-loss properties.

5. Persimmon


Image Courtesy: Koshy Koshy used under the Creative Commons Licence

Persimmon is known as the Divine Fruit in Chinese culture. Persimmons are full of phosphorous and calcium with the right blend of vitamin A and C. They are a rich source of phytochemicals with natural digestive aid properties. Persimmons are considered good for diabetes and hypertension. They are also believed to promote clear complexion, strengthen immunity, and help fight cancer. They are reputed to also increase the production of red blood cells, improve vision and aid in healthy digestion.

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