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4 Unbelieveably Easy Thai Snacks For a Lazy Weekend

The weather is getting sultry by the day and all you want to do over the weekend is lay on your couch, with a book in your hand under the fan and sip into some summer coolers or an easy peasy Thai iced tea.

How about some easy snacks to munch on alongside your coolers on the table? Sounds interesting?

Here are 4 Unbelievably easy Thai snacks for a lazy weekend that you can prep up in no time. And if you have an uninvited guest coming home, you needn’t waste your time racking your brains for an easy idea.

If you can’t make it over the weekend you could as well pack it for your kid’s lunchbox or carry it to office for a quick bite.

Here we go:

Pad Thai Rice Crepe

Love Pad Thai don’t you? A modern twist to the Pad Thai, here’s a fancy way of making it:  just cook the egg separately as a very large, thin, crepe-like egg sheet and wrap the Pad Thai inside it. You can also do this with leftover Pad Thai. How easy could this get? Check out the recipe here.

Pad Thai Rice Crepe Recipe - Easy Thai Snacks

Vegetarian Yellow Curry BBQ Skewers

Add some sunshine to your snack with this yellow curry BBQ skewers. If you have yellow curry leftover from your previous  day’s lunch/dinner, just marinate it with your choice of meat or vegetable and grill it. You can replace the paneer with shrimp, tofu or mushroom. Get the recipe here.

Vegetarian-Yellow-Curry-BBQ-Skewers - Thai Snacks

Mini Fish Cakes

Up your summer game with this super easy Thai mini fish cakes. Serve it with sweet chilli sauce for dipping, or wrap in warm pita bread with shredded lettuce and cucumber for a snack or light meal. Quick bite ain’t it? Don’t miss out on the recipe here.

Mini Fish Cakes - Easy Thai Snacks

Thai Prawn Rolls

Add a new twist to the traditional spring rolls with this Thai prawn rolls. A crisp bite with a glass of iced tea beside you will make you want dig into it forever. Get the recipe here.

Prawn Rolls - Easy Thai Snacks

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