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4 Quick and Easy Malaysian Starters

Imagine eating something refreshing, hot and spicy on a chilly winter evening. The feeling of warmth in your body and the tingling sensation on your tongue… heaven! Malaysian starters are easy to make and deliver just this feeling. They are super-easy to make and consume very little time.

Malaysian cuisine in general uses a number or spices, chilies, coconut, vegetables and seafood. The depth of flavours, the aromas of the ingredients used and the taste, put together can elevate anyone to another level altogether.

Here are 4 quick and easy Malaysian starters:

Kerabu Salad

This is a scrumptious and refreshing salad. What makes it so refreshing is fresh veggies such as cucumber and raw mango. The addition of lime adds a zing to it and onions take the taste one notch higher. Sambal Belacan, dried shrimp, coconut milk, black pepper, fish sauce, some chicken stock and some minced garlic, ingredients like these are what make this simple salad a complete knock-out. Health benefits of this salad are many, as the usage of oil is so limited and the ingredients are fresh and organic.

Kerabu - 4 Quick and Easy Malaysian Starters


Image Courtesy: Alpha used under the Creative Commons Licence

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Karipap Pusing

The crispy outer layer and the soft filling are what make this starter so delicious. A spiral, spicy curry puff is what Karipap Pusing is. Packed with flavour and delight, this puff should be on your to-eat list. If you are a person who often has fried food cravings then this puff will instantly pacify the craving.

Check out this simple recipe for it. Karipap Pusing is made using ingredients like potato, chicken, mushrooms, carrots, onions, garlic and a few spices. It can easily make your dull day into an exciting one.

Karipap Pusing - 4 Quick and Easy Malaysian Starters.

Image Courtesy:  Google images

Prawn Fritters

Prawn fritters are easy to make and a hit amongst everyone. These fritters can be enjoyed throughout the year and consumed at any point of the day. The preparation time is minimal and so is the cooking time, which makes is all the more irresistible. Make some batter and some onions, few spices and the star ingredient the king prawns, fry them and done. So get inside the kitchen and try it today. This can be a great addition to your party menu, act as an evening snack or even double up as a starter.

Prawn Fritters - 4 Quick and Easy Malaysian Starters.

Image Courtesy: Alpha used under the Creative Commons Licence


The delicious satays are the national dish of Malaysia. Satays are skewered tender meat served with a spicy peanut sauce. The meat is carefully marinated in a spice mixture and grilled to perfection. Turmeric is an essential ingredient as it gives the satay its colour. Satays can be eaten at any time of the day.

Satay - 4 Quick and Easy Malaysian Starters.

Image Courtesy: Monica Arellano-Ongpin used under the Creative Commons Licence

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