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4 Light and Healthy Southern Thai Dishes

Southern Thailand is a culinary paradise for food lovers. In fact, it is quite spicy and is a treat for Thai food lovers.

However, spicy as a flavour is not just what defines Southern Thai cuisine. It also has fresh herbs and coconut milk in abundance to beat the heat. If you feel like your tongue’s on fire you can always try these tricks to cool your mouth after eating spicy food.

But never miss a chance to savour these delightful dishes from southern Thailand.

Here are 4 Light and Healthy Southern Thai dishes:

Southern Thai Salad

Up your summer game with this light and healthy salad from Southern Thailand. A traditional Thai salad that contains vermicelli, coriander, chillies and tossed in with a plethora of other ingredients. Try this healthy Thai salad recipe.

Southern Thai Salad Recipe - light and healthy southern Thai dishes

Panaeng Curry

Panaeng Curry is a mildly-flavoured Thai curry with a delightful balance of sweet, sour and spice. Although it is very much a Thai dish, Panaeng Curry, gets its name from the northern Malaysian island of Penang. It is also sometimes called Panang Curry or even Phanaeng Curry. Check out the recipe here.

panaeng curry - 4 light and easy southern thai dishes

Massaman Beef Curry

Did you know? Massaman curry is known as the king of curries and ranks #1 in CNN world’s 50 best foods. Massaman beef curry is a Thai curry dish Muslim in origin. In addition to Massaman curry paste, the dish contains coconut milk, roasted peanuts, potatoes, fish sauce and tamarind puree. Get the recipe here.

Massaman beef curry - light and healthy southern Thai dishes

Khua Kling

Yet another southern Thai delicacy, One of the favourites in Thailand is Khua Kling, commonly known as Thai Dry Meat Curry. This delicious dish’s flavour comes from very traditional ingredients like Thai curry paste, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, spur chilli and garlic. The base of this delicacy is spicy meat, so if you love your pork or beef hot, you will love every bite of khua kling.

khua kling - southern-thai-dishes

Photo courtesy of Ron Dollete used under the Creative Commons Licence

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