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4 Delicious Malaysian Laksas

Laksa is known to be one of the most iconic dishes of the Malay Peninsula, and is the most sought-after dish by tourists and locals alike.  Satisfying and ever so delicious, a bowl of Malaysian Laksa will transport you to the world of the spicy, tangy, aromatic, and flavourful blend that is irresistible.

Laksa is a spice-laden noodle dish prepared with different spices and a curry soup base. Each version is different from the other and will never fail to intrigue you.

Here are top 4 Laksas from Malaysia:

Seafood Curry Laksa :

This creamy, orange treat will surprise you every time. With generous chunks of fresh rockling, eggs, scallops and prawns, the soup is silky in texture and is rich in coconut flavour.

Malaysian Seafood curry laksa

Image Courtesy: Elsie Hui used under the Creative Commons Licence

Sarawak Laksa:
Quite different from the other two, the Sarawak laksa is spicy, sweet, and almost-smoky.  Topped with sambal belacan, coriander, fresh prawns, and ribbons of omelette, this dish is laden with dried prawns and coconut  base. Here’s a recipe of Pork Holy Basil with Laksa paste.

Malaysian Sarawak laksa

Image Courtesy: farah marzuki used under the Creative Commons Licence

Curry Laksa:
This coconut-rich broth with heaps of poached chicken, fish cake, and fried tofu is a delight to anybody’s taste buds. Topped with crunchy French beans and soft hokkien and rice vermicelli noodles, this one is sure to become a favourite.

Malaysian Curry laksa

Image Courtesy: LWYang used under the Creative Commons Licence

Assam Laksa:
The Assam laksa is made from fresh galangal roots, shallots, coconut milk and tamarind, with slivers of mackerel, placed on a bed of thick rice noodles. Topped with pineapples, red onions, and cucumber, this dish is nothing short of an explosion in your mouth with flavours.

Malaysian Assam Laksa


Image Courtesy: Citrus and Candy used under the Creative Commons Licence

Nothing satisfies the heart and the tummy better than a bowl of delicious, piping-hot laksa. Whatever be the variation, the Laksa can take you on a delectable trip.

Here are some quick and easy recipes of  Chicken LaksaLaksa Noodles and Laksa Otah .

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