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20 Must-try Dishes From Singapore

Singapore is home to a tantalising melting pot of cuisines and cultures. From Chinese-inspired noodle dishes to Malay-style mains and Indian-accented curries, discover 20 must-try dishes from Singapore. No passport required…

Singapore pepper crab

Originating at the Long Beach Seafood restaurant in the 1950s, Singapore pepper crab features a lip-smacking combination of three different peppers: black, white and red chilli.

singapore black pepper crab

Hainanese chicken rice

A classic example of Chinese-Singaporean cuisine, Hainanese chicken rice is a comforting combination of poached chicken, stock-enriched rice, chilli sauce and soup.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe

Fish head curry

No for the faint-hearted, fish head curry celebrates the gelatinous, flavoure-packed part of the fish we’d usually throw out. Try this Indian-Singaporean specialty for yourself and you might just be surprised.

Simple Steps to Make Fish Head Curry

Image Courtesy: ccdoh1 used under the Creative Commons Licence

Barbecued sambal fish

Traditionally made using boneless stingray wings, this smoky dish of barbecued sambal fish is made by slathering the fish in sambal, then wrapping in banana leaves and cooking over a chargrill.

Ikan Bakar

Kaya toast with soft-boiled egg

No trip to Singapore is complete without a breakfast of toast smeared with kaya (coconut jam), with a side order of soft-boiled eggs.

kaya toast with eggs


The love child of a soft crepe and a crunchy spring roll, popiah is a popular hawker snack enjoyed across Singapore and Malaysia.


Wanton mee

A cheap and cheerful meal, wanton mee combines bouncy egg noodles with wanton dumplings, char siu pork, Asian greens and a sweet or spicy sauce.


Fried carrot cake

With nary a hint of carrot in sight, this Singaporean fried carrot cake is in fact stir-fried cubes of rice and radish cake, tossed with a sweet soy sauce.

Chai Tow Kway


Spiced rice layered with chicken, mutton or vegetables, Indian-inspired biryani is a complete meal.



A combination of chopped fruits and vegetables doused in a spicy palm sugar and peanut dressing, rojak strikes a curious balance between sweet and savoury.

Singapore Rojak


This nourishing broth contains a healthy dose of herbs and spices, plus protein and collagen from the pork belly. Consider Chinese-style bakuteh your winter cure-all.

Popular places for Bakuteh in singapore

Hokkien mee

Another example of the Chinese culinary influence in Singapore, hokkien mee is a quick-smart stir-fry of noodles, prawns and sauces.

Top 5 Must-eats in Singapore


Make your own peanut sauce for these authentic satay skewers and you’ll soon discover why Singaporeans snack on these smoky delights morning, noon and night.

Must Buy Things in Malaysia

Sambal prawns

Like neighbouring Malaysia, sambal is an essential accompaniment in Singapore. The chilli and shrimp sauce also adds a flavour hit to this recipe for sambal prawns.

Sambal Prawns


You’ll find a raft of different laksas across Asia, including coconut milk-enriched curry laska in Singapore.

Singapore mee goreng with prawns

A popular late-night snack, Singapore mee goreng is a speedy stir-fry of instant noodles, prawns and vegetables.

mee goreng recipe

Mee siam

Another must-try Singaporean noodle dish is mee siam, which packs an umami punch thanks to the dried shrimp and salted soy beans.

Mee Siam

Fish bee hoon

A fortifying soup of fish stock, noodles, fish and vegetables, fish bee hoon is praised for its nutritional properties.


Seafood curry

This spicy Singaporean seafood curry combines Indian influences with freshly caught prawns and fish.

Seafood Curry

Beef rendang

A signature dish of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, there’s no denying the charms of rich and robust beef rendang.

Beef Rendang Recipe

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