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20 Asian Curry Recipes to Try this Weekend

Inspired by our spice lover’s guide to Thai curries? Take your pick of 20 Asian curry recipes to try this weekend and make the most delicious meal ever, feed your family with love.

Roti canai and dhal curry

This Malaysian street food favourite teams flaky, buttery roti bread with gently spiced dhal. Get the recipe here.

Roti Canai and Dhal Curry Recipe

Thai red curry with duck

Serve medium-rare duck breasts with a luscious curry sauce for a contemporary take on the classic red curry duck.

Thai jungle curry

Turn up the heat with this fiery Thai jungle curry. It contains no coconut milk, so prepare to feel the burn.

Fish curry with dill

Fragrant with aromatic dill and coriander, this refreshing Thai fish curry is quick and nutritious.

Thai fish curry with dill recipe

Shrimp and eggplant sweet and spicy curry

This Indonesian curry teams plump prawns with silky eggplant in a sweet yet spicy curry sauce.

Shrimp Eggplant Sweet and Spicy Curry

Japanese beef curry

Thanks to its mellow spice levels, this mild-flavoured Japanese curry will be a hit with the whole family.

Panaeng curry with pork

With just eight easy-to-source ingredients, you can have this speedy Panaeng curry on the table in less than 30 minutes.

Salmon in red curry (choo chee pla salmon)

This smooth choo chee curry sauce is the perfect match for seafood – try it with prawns, scallops or a mix of different fish.

Assam fish curry

Sour and spicy, this Malaysian delicacy is flavoured with lemongrass, curry leaves and tangy tamarind paste. Get the recipe here.

Assam Fish Curry Recipe

Nyonya style chicken curry

Use tender chicken breast meat or flavoursome drumsticks in this authentic Nyonya curry.

Massaman beef curry

Team this rich, robust Massaman curry with a smooth red wine, such as merlot.

Yellow curry of bugs, sweet pumpkin and tomato

For an impressive dinner party dish, visit your local fishmonger for fresh Moreton Bay bugs in this aromatic yellow curry.

Light red pork curry

This speedy curry is lighter than most as it omits coconut milk, and it can be on the table in under 30 minutes.

Thai green curry Barramundi

We love the modern presentation of this dish, which features pan-seared barramundi in a pool of green curry sauce. Get the recipe here.

Tofu & mushroom green curry

This smooth green curry is laced with silky tofu and tender button mushrooms.

Tofu and Mushroom Green Curry Recipe

Northern curry noodle with chicken (khao soi)

Thailand’s answer to laksa, this curry noodle soup is fragrant with turmeric and ginger.

Prawn and pineapple curry

Daphne Goh shared this stunning prawn and pineapple curry recipe in our Chinese New Year competition.

GF Nonya Prawns and Pineapple Assam Curry_edited

Image courtesy: Daphne Goh 

Amok trey (Cambodian fish curry)

Another standout from the competition is Kirsten Long’s amok trey, an authentic Cambodian fish curry.

Fragrant Chicken Curry with saffron rice

We also loved Trudie Bishop’s entry for fragrant chicken curry with saffron rice.

Vegan korma curry

And Josie Donaldson impressed us with her crowd-pleasing vegan korma.

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