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10 Tips That Come Handy in Kitchen

Having trouble with food sticking to your pan? Can’t figure out how to make your life easy in kitchen? Let us help you with this, by giving you 10 of the most useful kitchen tips.

1. Save apples from browning

The easiest way to prevent apples from browning is to cut apples and soak them in salt water. Not only does it prevent it from browning but also gets rid of the pesticides used on it. You can store this in the refrigerator for a day or two.

apples - 10 Tips that come handy in Kitchen

Image Courtesy: Jinx! used under the Creative Commons Licence

2. Cleaning a burnt vessel

Place some finely chopped onions in the burnt vessel and pour boiling water over it and let it sit for a few minutes(5-7 minutes). Once you see the water changing colour clean the vessel.

3. Prevent food from sticking to the vessel

When vegetables get stuck to the pan while cooking, use a metal spatula and move the vegetables to one side of the pan and pour one-two teaspoons or more oil on the empty side of the pan and adjust it in order for that side to receive the heat. Once the oil is hot enough, mix it with the rest of the ingredients. This will create a nonstick effect on the vegetables and the pan.

4. Store your spices right

Never store your spices over your stove. Store them in a clean, cool, dark and dry place as this will save them from humidity, heat and light.

spices - 10 most useful kitchen tips

Image Courtesy: Brianna Lehman used under the Creative Commons Licence

5. Cut your herbs like a pro

Sprinkle a pinch of salt on your chopping board while cutting them. The salt on the board will prevent them from flying all over the place and also prevents it from sticking to the board. It also helps to enhance the flavour of the herbs.

 herbs - 10 useful kitchen tips Image Courtesy: Jeff used under the Creative Commons Licence

6. Peel almonds in a jiffy

Placing your almonds in hot water for about 15-20 minutes will soften their skin and will make it extremely easy to peel them. And what you do with the skin is just dry them and use it as pot pourri. Amazing isn’t it?

 almonds - 10 most useful kitchen tips Image Courtesy: Harsha K R used under the Creative Commons Licence

7. Sauté garlic like a pro

When sautéing garlic, slice it horizontally/vertically instead of mincing it, this way the garlic is less likely to get burnt.

8. Season your salad perfectly

Avoid using fine grains of salt in a salad, instead use coarse sea salt that has been mixed in some olive oil. The sea salt will stay crunchy even with the vinaigrette and add another dimension to the salad.

9. Storing Basil

Store basil at room temperature instead of keeping them in a freezer. Put the basil in a clean pot/bottle with some water and watch it stay fresh for a longer period of time.

 basil - 10 most useful kitchen tips Image Courtesy: Alexander Baxevanis used under the Creative Commons Licence

10. Juicing a lemon

To get the most amount of juice out of a lemon, rub the lemon in between your palm for a minute and squeeze it. Doings will loosen up the fibre and make it easy to get the juice.

It is also a good idea to microwave the lemon for about 10 seconds before you cut them as it makes it more tender and soft, which in turn will fetch more juice.

Also it is advisable to cut the lemon lengthwise instead of crosswise. Cutting it this way can produce three times as much juice contrary to the crosswise which will only fetch you 2-3 tablespoons.

lemon - 10 Tips that come handy in Kitchen Image Courtesy: Victor used under the Creative Commons Licence

Isn’t it amazing? These kitchen hacks are surely going to save you more time and make things a lot more easier than you imagine. Also, read about 5 Age old tips to keep your rice fresh.

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