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10 Quick And Easy Kimchi Dishes For This Winter

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish, with natural vegetables and spices, made with authentic  Korean flavours. Kimchi has a place for every meal at the Korean table. Try these 10 quick and easy Kimchi dishes for this Winter which keeps you warm through out the season.

Kimchi jjigae (Kimchi stew):  Stew’s are best enjoyed in winters, and Kimchi along with it makes for an aromatic meal.  Here’s the secret to cooking Kimchi Jjigae: Marinate the meat (beef/pork), use the kimchi juice (liquid from pickled cabbage), add some doengjang,  and give it a touch of butter as a glaze.

Kimchi jjigae - 10 Quick And Easy Kimchi Dishes For This Winter

Image Courtesy:  Mabel Lu used under the Creative Commons 

Kimchi Omelet: Kimchi’s fermented flavour and the fluffy eggs topped with sour cream will surely make your morning. Fix a delicious, quick and easy breakfast with eggs, sweet rice wine, kimchi, onions, zucchini or cheese, and some cream to top.

Kimchi fried rice: Kimchi fried rice is popular and a Korean favourite.  Toss in kimchi, garlic, eggs, soy sauce, black pepper  to your bowl of cooked and add minced onions on top and serve hot.

Kimchi Fried Rice - Quick And Easy Kimchi Dishes For This Winte

Image Courtesy:  Stacy Spensley used under the Creative Commons Licence

Kimchi Dumplings:  This bold and savoury recipe has dumplings stuffed with onions, garlic, noodles, ground pork, scallions, pepper, vinegar and soy sauce. Give a tint of spiciness by adding kimchi. It’s sure to leave your palate satisfied.

Kimchi pancakes (Kimchi jeon): The kimchi pancake makes for a scrumptious starter, side dish or appetizer. It is easy to make and uses flour, scallions, egg, canola oil, kosher salt and pork is optional.  Serve it with a spicy dip sauce or a simple soy and vinegar sauce.

Kimchi Potato Salad: This salad is an excellent twist to the Aussie potato salad. Prepare this recipe for picnics and long weekends. Boil Baby potatoes until cooked. Once it cools, mix it in a bowl with mayo, pickles, kimchi, salt and sugar. Add seasoning if required and serve chilled.

Kimchi is a magical ingredient, which can be explored with a variety of other flavours and dishes. Try these recipes and give a twist to your meals.

Turnip Kimchi: Kimchi is considered to be a healthy food, as it is made from vegetables, low in calories and high in fibre. To make turnip kimchi, cut some cubes of turnip, add some salt and sugar, chilli powder, garlic, onion and fish sauce, and ginger. The longer it is left to ferment, the more tangy and sour it gets.

Kimchi Fries:  Serve fries with a twist! What could be more awesome than some cheesy kimchi fries? The fries are baked in the oven, seasoned with chilli powder, and topped with caramelized kimchi and onions. Melted cheese all around the dish, makes it all the more sinful.

Kimchi Fries - Kimchi Dishes For This Winter

Image Courtesy:  Ron Dollete used under the Creative Commons Licence


Kimchi Grilled Corn on the cob: For some exotic flavours, the spicy and sour taste of the Korean kimchi clubbed with corn cob makes for an exciting dish. All you need is sweet corn, kimchi, butter, honey.

Kimchi Grilled Cheese: Sounds like a weird combination? Well, Kimchi and cheese just go hand in hand. Make a flavourful, crunchy sandwich to beat those midnight hunger pangs! It’s easy to prepare and requires bread, butter, kimchi and cheese slices.

These are the greatest recipes that could happen to Kimchi, which adds a perfect balance of crunch, flavour and taste to a dish.


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