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10 of the Best Salads for Spring

Enjoy 10 of the best salads for spring, inspired by the authentic flavours of Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam. These vibrant Asian salads are packed with fresh herbs, tangy citrus and tempting dressings. Plus, they’re ready in minute, so you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen!

Rice vermicelli salad

Plump prawns are teamed with rice noodles, fresh herbs and a piquant dressing in this low-fat Vietnamese salad. You can find the recipe here.

Rice Vermicelli Salad Recipe - spring salads

Green mango salad

This crisp and refreshing Thai spring salad is made using tart green mango, plus pork fillet and dried prawns for protein. You can find the recipe here.

Thai Green Mango Spring Salad Recipe

Vietnamese squid salad

Lime juice and white vinegar give this classic Vietnamese salad a tangy, cleansing edge. Perfect as a light lunch on a hot summer’s day. Click here for the recipe.

spring salad

Beef Tataki salad

Japanese elegance is the order of the day in this delicious main-course salad, which pairs marinated beef tenderloin with ponzu dressing and soba noodles. Get the recipe here.

Japanese Beef Tataki Salad for spring

Southern Thai salad

Create a spicy nam prik chilli dressing to splash over this classic Thai salad of noodles, prawns and pork. The dressing is also great as a dip with finger food! You can get the recipe here.

Southern Thai Spring Salad Recipe

Gado gado salad

An Indonesian favourite, this nutritious dish teams fresh vegetables and tofu with a crunchy peanut, soy and chilli dressing.  Check out the recipe here.

gado gado spring salad

Thai beef salad

Who can resist a Thai beef salad on a hot day? Fire up the barbecue to whip up this tasty dinner in next to no time. See the recipe here.

Thai-beef-salad- 10 of the best salads for spring

Easy soba noodle salad with wakame

The ideal lunchbox salad, this Japanese delight is a virtuous mix of soba noodles nutrient-packed wakame seaweed, crunchy vegetables and a light ginger dressing. You can find the recipe here.

Easy Japanese Soba Noodle Salad Recipe

Cellophane noodle salad

Dried shiitake mushrooms, chilli and peanuts pack a flavour punch in this quick-smart noodle salad with vibrant Vietnamese flavours. here is the recipe.

Cellophane Noodle Spring Salad Recipe

Crispy Thai salmon salad

A tutti-frutti blend of watermelon, tomato, mango and basil, studded with crisp-fried salmon and drizzled with a coconut dressing: summer in a bowl. Get the recipe here.

Crispy Thai Salmon Spring Salad

Discover more Asian recipes for warm spring and summer days right here.

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