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10 Easy Asian Appetisers to Light up Your Christmas Eve

The holiday season is here and  it’s time to pull out the hors d’oeuvres recipes to begin the party.

We have lined up the best Asian appetisers for the season. From spring rolls to satay sticks, and potstickers to dumplings we have them all guaranteed to win the hearts of your guests, friends and family.

Here are Easy Asian Appetisers to Light up Your Christmas Eve:

Crunchy pork patties

Add flavour to your party with this insanely easy and crunchy pork patties. Serve it with sweet and sour sauce and leave your guests mighty impressed. Get the recipe here.

Crunchy Pork Patties - Asian appetisers to light up christmas

Chinese broccoli (gai lan) with oyster sauce

For all you health freaks out there, here’s an easy, guilt-free indulgence. Try the Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce and make your party a healthy one! Get the recipe here.

Chinese broccoli (gai lan) with oyster sauce - asian appetisers for christmas

Steamed Seafood Curry Cake

A  traditional North Eastern Thai dish, influenced by Laos, steamed seafood curry cake is also known as Ho Mok in Thai and traditionally  served in banana leaves shaped into boats or in mussel shells. Try the Steamed Seafood Curry Cake recipe.

Steamed Seafood Curry Cake - asian appetisers for christmas

Fried scallop wontons

These deep-fried scallop wontons (dumplings) are filled with scallops and wasabi paste.  You’ll love the crispy bites for sure. Try this Chinese fried scallop wontons recipe.

Fried Scallop Wontons Recipe - Assian appetisers for christmas eve

Golden Chicken Balls

These delicious golden chicken balls have a crispy outer shell with a rice filling. These Japanese delicacies are very similar to the Arancini concept. Enjoy these chicken balls recipe!

Golden Chicken Balls Recipe - asian appetisers for christmas eve

Warm char siu salad

Wondering how a salad made its way through appetisers? Well, it is as good as an appetizer and is a perfect salad for a light summer meal or a picnic/barbeque. Try this warm char siu salad recipe.


Japanese Potsticker Dumplings (Gyoza)

Here’s an authentic Japanese appetiser that will appease your taste buds. Gyoza or Pot-sticker Dumplings are filled with pork, cabbage and spring onions and are steamed and pan-fried to get a golden hue. Plus it is quick and tasty! Get the recipe here.

japanese gyoza - Asian appetisers for christmas eve

Calamari salad

The most sought after Asian salad in AU, this calamari salad is perfect for summer and are have enough greens to keep you healthy and hydrated for summer. They can be served either warm or cold and make a refreshing addition to a meal. Get the recipe here.

Calamari Salad Recipe - asian appetisers for christmas eve

Steamed chicken curry cake

You thought a cake was an appetizer? Well, yes, these steamed chicken curry cakes are moist, soft and just right for your Christmas eve party. Go ahead and try them. It is also a great tea-time snack. Get the recipe here.

Steamed chicken curry cake - asian appetisers

Yakitori Chicken

Yakitori literally means “grilled chicken” – kebabs of chicken grilled on a BBQ and basted with a sweet soy-based sauce. It is best made with the leg or thigh meat as this is more juicy than fine-textured breast meat. Get the recipe here.

japanese yakitori chicken recipe

Get the party started with these delightful appetisers and treat your guests to a royal Asian fare.

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