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10 Best Asian Chicken Recipes for Chinese New Year Dinner

As we countdown to the Chinese new year, the excitement builds up so much that you wouldn’t want to wait for it. All you want to do is cook a delicious meal and host your family and friends to the best New Year dinner ever. We have planned your menu for the new year’s.

Here are 10 Best Asian Chicken Recipes for Chinese New Year Dinner. Spice up your dinner with these delightful chicken recipes and add a new dimension to your New year party. If you like these recipes, it’s time for you to cook, snap and share it with us.  Enter the Chinese New year Cooking contest and win a foodie fantasy for four! Enter now!

1. Country Style Barbecue Chicken

This summer, there’s no better way to make chicken more delicious than to marinate it in aromatic Asain herbs. Enjoy this Country Style Barbecue chicken, a special Thai delicacy that is Perfect for your reunion dinner and summer backyard barbeque parties. Get the recipe here.

Country Style Barbecue Chicken Recipe for Chiense new year

2. Indonesian Roast Chicken

This juicy chicken dish is marinated in sweet soy sauce and served hot on a banana leaf. Isn’t it a feast for your family to devour on a reunion dinner and New Year’s eve. Get the recipe here.

Indonesian Roast Chicken Recipe for Chinese new year

3. Golden Chicken Balls

A perfect starter for your reunion dinner party, these golden chicken balls have a crispy outer shell with a rice filling. These Japanese delicacies are very similar to the Arancini concept. Enjoy these chicken balls for a family reunion dinner.

Golden Chicken Balls Recipe for Chinese new year

4.Chuncheon Dak Galbi – Spicy Chicken with Vegetables

This spicy Korean specialty is a dish that gives a super kick to your dinner table. A meal by itself, it is the perfect blend of spice and taste. Get the recipe here.

Chuncheon Dak Galbi chicken recipe for Chinese new year

5. Hainanese Chicken Rice

What’s a dinner table without some rice? The staple of most southeast Asians, this Malaysian dish is quite popular in the Hainan province in south China, that was brought to Malaysia by the Chinese. The Hainanese Chicken Rice a classic rice delicacy you can’t miss. Check out the recipe here.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Recipe for Chinese new year

6. Deep Fried Belachan Chicken Wings

The flavours of belachan come alive in this recipe. Marinated in shrimp paste, the deep fried Belachan Chicken Wings is a famous delicacy of east Malaysia. Crispy skinned, the chicken meat is beautifully moist with belachan flavour! Get the recipe here.

Deep Fried Belachan Chicken Wings Recipe for chinese new year

7.Stir-fried Ginger Chicken with Gai Choy

The goodness of juicy ginger and leafy gai choy, could you have asked for more? A healthy, green and leafy Chinese delicacy where the Gai Choy (an east Asian pickling vegetable) is stir-fried with ginger chicken. Try this Stir-fried Ginger Chicken with Gai Choy Recipe!

Stir fried Ginger Chicken Recipe for Chinese new year

8. Chicken Honey Soy & Chilli Stir Fry with Hokkien Noodles

One of the most delicious Chinese recipes you could ever ask for, Chinese Hokkien Noodle recipe with chicken stir-fried in a delightful sweet & spicy sauce made of honey, soy & chilli is like heaven on your palette. Try this chicken honey soy recipe!

chicken honey soy with hokkien noodles recipe for Chinese new year

9. Bakmie Goreng with Chicken

Anyone who sees this dish is sure to drool over. The spicy chicken stir-fried with noodles is an easy Indonesian street-food classic! Serve it piping hot with some chicken and kecap manis, to perfect your Straits dish! Check out the recipe here.

Bakmie Goreng with Chicken recipe for chinese new year

10. Chicken in Satay Sauce

Give a twist to your satay sauce and make this chicken curry in it. It is bound to make you fall in love with the succulent taste of chicken! Pair it with rice for a great reunion dish. Get the recipe here.

Chicken in Satay Sauce Recipe for chinese new year

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