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Why Kimchi is so Hot Right Now

The Japanese love their miso paste, the Germans have their sauerkraut, and Koreans go mad for kimchi. These fermented foods have been around for thousands of years, but lately their popularity has skyrocketed, as chefs and foodies around the world pep up their dishes with these flavour-packed ingredients.

And not only do they taste great, they’re also great for you.

So how to add Kimchi to your diet? Some of the health benefits of kimchi and other fermented foods include boosting your metabolism, aiding digestion and improving gut health. The antioxidant properties can also reduce the effects of aging and assist in fighting cancer. Koreans believe that eating kimchi on a daily basis helps promote general good health and clear skin. No wonder the average Korean eats their way through 18kg of kimchi each year!

If you want to start reaping the rewards of these superfoods, discover five simple ways you can add kimchi to your diet.

1. Make your own kimchi

If time is on your side, why not whip up your own batch of kimchi. This gak dugi kimchi ferments within two to three days, and then lasts for months in the fridge!

gak dugi - Kimchi to your diet

2. Lift your lunch game

A dollop of kimchi adds potent power to your favourite salad. Try it with a mix of brown rice, tinned tuna and blanched broccolini for a nutritious lunch that’ll see you sail through to dinner.

3. Pop it in a pancake

For a quick-smart dinner, flip a batch of kimchi buchim, crispy pancakes studded with kimchi and onion, served with a piquant dipping sauce.

kimchi buchim - kimchi in diet

4. Jam it in a toastie

Next time you raid the fridge for a midnight snack, sneak a spoonful of kimchi into your toasted cheese sandwich: savoury, spicy and oh-so delicious.

5. Bring your barbecue A-game

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to fire up the barbecue. To mix things up, skip the sausages and throw down some galbi (Korean BBQ beef short ribs) instead, paired with lettuce leaves, gochujang chilli sauce and, of couse, kimchi.

BBQ Galbi - kimchi in diet

Got the kimchi fire in your belly? Find more healthy Korean recipes on Asian Inspirations.

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