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Top 5 Scenic Destinations in China

There is plenty beyond the wonder that is the Great Wall of China. This Asian country is home to splendid attractions, many of them potential rivals to the other wonders of the world. The number of World Heritage Sites in China that are worth visiting grow longer every year. With towering mountains, delicate gardens, tranquil valleys, magnificent cathedrals and golden bays dotting China’s vast landscape, this country has become one of the most sought-after destinations for enthusiastic travellers.

Although there are many sights to stop at and marvel, these are the best places to visit, simply because they redefine natural grandeur.

Top 5 Scenic Destinations in China:

Echoing Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake

Top 5 scenic destinations in China

Image Courtesy: Richard Towell used under the Creative Commons Licence

It might look like a mirage, but the Echoing Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake are very much a reality, found in the vast Gobi desert in China. Named after its distinctive shape and aural features, the sand mountain is a series of dunes whose echoes can be heard as the wind blows over the dunes.

Hongcun Ancient Village

Top 5 scenic destinations in China

Image Courtesy: Xianyi Shen used under the Creative Commons Licence

Hongcun, a 900-year-old village in China, is known for its tranquillity and distinctive architecture. What stands out, though, is the Huangshan Mountain in the village’s backdrop. Art students have drawn inspiration from its classic structures and from the Moon Lake for decades. Walking the narrow lanes while you watch farmers work in paddy fields, with the reflection of ancient houses in the lake’s smooth surface, make you want to start creating your own masterpiece.

Xiapu Mudflat

Top 5 scenic destinations in China

Image Courtesy: johnlsl used under the Creative Commons Licence

A small region along the southeast China coastline, Xiapu’s humble mudflat is one destination which attracts hundreds of photographers. It encompasses 40 square kilometres and more than 400 kilometres of the coastline. Among its attractions are the stunning tiger-striped beaches, rustling bamboo structures and poles, buoys and fishing vessels, standing in contrast to nature’s beauty.


Top 5 scenic destinations in China

Image Courtesy: Jonathan used under the Creative Commons Licence

This is a dream location. If you’re a lover of art and literature, look no further, for the stilted houses of Fenghuang will be your dream lodging. The architecture is wondrous and takes your breath away. There are small streets and twisting alleys which date as far back as the Ming Dynasty. The surrounding abundance of nature adds to the beauty of this picture-perfect frame.

Huanggushu Waterfall

Top 5 scenic destinations in China

Photo courtesy of Royalty-free Google images

The Huanggushu Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Asia. It cascades a dramatic 77.8 metres. The sight of this mammoth curtain of water plunging into white, foamy depths is a visual treat from all angles.

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