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Top 5 Onsen Bath Houses in Australia

It’s a hot summer and all you want to do is dive into a pool. But, how about a hot bath that is equally rejuvenating and refreshing.

We’re talking about the Japanese Onsen houses  with multiple health benefits,  in Australia. You may admonish the idea of a hot bath during summer, however, you can book these for winter vacations and soak yourself in the sheer joy of these unique hot springs.

Onsen bath house in Australia - Japanese Hot Spring
Image Courtesy: bobthemagicdragon used under the Creative Commons Licence

We are listing the top 5 Onsen bath houses in Australia:

Blue Mountains Sparadise – Japanese Bathhouse, Blue Mountains, NSW

If you are in NSW and stay near the Blue mountains, this one and only bath house in NSW is quite affordable for a 3 hours of bathing at $60. There’s also a sauna room, a tea cafe that offers herbal teas and concoctions along with light snacks. You can also book an accomodation if you want to stay there in advance. Sparadise is located near South bonfels and is about 2 hours of drive from Sydney. Click here for more details.

Japanese Mountain Retreat Mineral Springs and Spa, Victoria

If you want a private retreat plus some soothing therapy for your senses, then head to the Japanese mountain retreat mineral springs and spa, which is located in Montrose, less than an hour from Melbourne. This place also offers some yummy yumcha and some oriental delights. Click here for more details.

Onsenma, Melbourne, Victoria

Onsenma, is located in the Melbourne city and has a private bathing house with a great ambiance. This indoor hot spring bath house also offers Shiatsu, a traditional Japanese bodywork therapy. It is also known to be an alternative medicine for rebalancing the energy pathways of the body. Click here for more details.

Peninsula Hot Springs, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Peninsula Hot Springs is about an hour and a half away from Melbourne and is located on the Mornington Peninsula. It offers a wide range of bathing experiences which includes a cave pool, sauna and family bathing area. The natural thermal water flows directly into the pools from an underground aquifer with the temperature ranging from 37 to 43 degrees celsius. Head there to elevate your senses. Click here for more details.

Onsen in Australia - Japanese Hot Spring
Image Courtesy: David McKelvey used under the Creative Commons Licence

Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa, Hepburn Springs, Victoria

Hepburn is considered to be the oldest spring bath house in Australia. It is known to have been established in 1895 and draws its waters from the Hepburn mineral springs reserve. There’s a pool to relax and also a aroma steam sauna room with great facilities. It also has a cafe and a massage spa. Hepburn is located near Daylesfors, Victoria and is about 2 hours drive from melbourne. Click here for details.

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