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Top 5 Must-eats in Singapore

Singapore is a foodies’ culinary haven. With an infusion of cultures and tastes, there are so many travel experiences to enjoy in Singapore. But don’t be overwhelmed, Asian Inspirations is here to tell you the top 5 must-eats in Singapore.

Must-eats in Singapore:

1. Hokkien Mee:

Top 5 Must-eats in Singapore

A dish characteristic to the little island of Singapore, Hokkien Mee is available in two versions – the wet one, which is a combination of yellow noodles and rice vermicelli and the dry one, which uses thin rice vermicelli with less gravy.

Try the Asian Inspirations recipe for Hokkien Mee and get ready to travel back to Singapore with just a bite.

2. Bakuteh:

Pork Belly Stewed in Bakuteh

This is a dish that originated in the docks. The workers tanked up on Bakuteh in the mornings so they had enough energy to lug the goods. Best when cooked with fresh pork, wash it down with some Chinese tea and you’re good to go.

The Asian Inspirations Pork belly stewed in Bakuteh is inspired from the traditional recipe. Once you’ve tried it, you’re going to keep going back asking for more.

3. Laksa:

Top 5 Must-eats in Singapore

Laksa is easily one of the tastiest dishes to try in Singapore. It is a combination of thick rice vermicelli and spicy, flavoured curry made with spices. Choose either prawns or sliced chicken, depending on your palate, and you’re in for a filling, satisfying meal.

Asian Inspirations’ recipe for Laksa noodles will remind you of the streets of Singapore.

 4. Fried Rice:

top 5 must-eats in singapore

Comfort food for most Singaporeans, fried rice is a delicious combination to satiate a hungry stomach and tingling taste buds. This dish looks as beautiful as it tastes with colourful veggies constrasting the meat.

If you’re feeling experimental, try the Pineapple and chicken rice recipe that Asian Inspirations has to offer.

 5. Dumplings:

Top 5 Must-eats in Singapore

A favourite around the world, it’s no surprise that dumplings finds their way into this list too. Stuff them with the meat or vegetable that suits your palate and you’ve got a plate of award-winning dumplings. Steam them, pan fry them or deep fry them, every kind will have a taker.

Here’s an interesting recipe, different from the normal dumplings – Guava buns. Don’t be fooled by the name – this is probably going to be first time you’re going to love fruits as much.

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