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Top 3 Asian Places to Visit During Moon festival

The Chinese Moon Festival is celebrated across the globe, but the true grandeur of the celebration can only be witnessed back home. You might celebrate it with friends and family, but visiting an Asian country during a festival like this is quite an experience. It is something you will cherish for a lifetime. Asian countries celebrate all their festivals with much fervour and zest and Moon Festival celebrations hold true to this statement.

Beautiful lanterns, bright lights, colourful streets, the most delectable dishes from across Asia and lots and lots of people, this is exactly what you will find at every Asian festival.

Are you wondering which Asian places to visit during Moon festival?Here are the top 3 places:



With traditional influences and modern touches, this city is bound to give you the best Moon festival experience you can have. Visit places like the Bund, Oriental TV towers and Jin Mao tower for the best view of the moon, lanterns and the fireworks. If you want to stay away from the hustle-bustle of the city, head to the beautiful parks in Shanghai or better head to Sheshan which is also known as the happy valley. The valley is filled with beautiful forest park, which is the western peak of Shanghai and the view of the moon from here will be impeccable.

Shanghai - Top 3 Asian Places to Visit During Moon festival

Image Courtesy: Google Royalty Free Image



The capital city of China surpasses all expectations. It is the perfect blend of modern and ancient, beauty. Head to the ‘Altar of the moon’ also known as the ‘temple of moon’ in Beijing which is the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties would head to,   offer sacrifices to the Moon Goddess. If you want to enjoy the beautiful Moon festival atop a boat go to Sichahai and if you want the most beautiful seat in the city, Jingshan park should be your choice. Being located on the highest point of the city’s axis, it is sure to give you an entire view of the city and their Moon Festival doings.

Beijing - Asian Places to Visit During Moon festival

Image Courtesy: Google Royalty Free Image



Moon festival isn’t just known as the moon festival here, it is better known as Tet Trung Thu. During the moon festival, Vietnam lights up to glory with all the lanterns floating. Children across Vietnam, parade the streets while carrying beautiful lanterns of various sizes and singing songs. The highlight here is always the lion dance displaying its magnificent prowess enthrals people and casts a spell on them.

vietnam - Asian Places to Visit During Moon festival

Image Courtesy: Panagiotis Papadopoulos used under the Creative Commons Licence


Apart from these three, Moon festival reunites families each year and brings in new memories. Visiting China or South-East Asia during the moon festival is something each and everyone must do, let the festivities engulf and bewitch you.

 Also check out the activities during moon festival.

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