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Top 10 Varieties of Mooncakes

What’s a Moon festival without Mooncakes? They are the hallmark of the mid-autumn festival and are, made from a variety of fillings and eaten with family and friends. The traditional fillings used in the mooncakes are: Lotus seed paste, Sweet bean paste, Five kernel, egg yolk and jujube paste.

There are many different flavours of mooncakes available, and here are the top 10 varieties of mooncakes!

Five Kernel and Roast Pork

This mooncake is the most traditional flavour and it comes with five types of fillings contains nuts, seeds and roast pork. Seeds like pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, walnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and almonds make this mooncake irresistible.

Cantonese Mooncake

These mooncakes are sweet in taste and are most commonly sold across China. The Cantonese mooncake originates from the Guangdong province, and has 200 different variations! The ingredients that are often used are lotus seed paste, ham, chicken, duck, melon seed paste, mushrooms and roast pork, and eggs.  A few also make use of four egg yolks, representing the four phases of moon.

Vietnamese Mooncake

Traditionally, mooncakes in Vietnam are known as Banh Trung Thu. There are two kinds of mooncakes: Baked sticky rice cake and sticky rice cake, both are prepared from cooked glutinous rice. The mooncakes have a crust consisting of cooked glutinous rice powder, sugar and water. The filling consists of delicious ingredients like jam, mung beans, eggs, lotus seed, watermelon seed.

Vietnamese mooncake  - Top 10 Varieties of Mooncakes

 Image Courtesy: garlandcannon used under the Creative Commons   Licence

Geppei ( Japanese Moon cakes)

Mooncakes in Japan are known as Geppei. The red bean paste (Azuki) is the most popular filling, followed by chestnuts and beans. Unlike the other mooncakes, Geppei does not make use of egg yolks as it is not prefered by most.

Japanese Mooncake - Varieties of Mooncakes

Image Courtesy: CCFoodTravel.com used under the Creative Commons   Licence

Coconut Milk Mooncake

Coconut milk mooncakes are made from  fresh coconut milk, and are not too sweet and have little oil. They taste fresh, healthy and are known to promote digestion and the skin.

Ice Cream Mooncake

Sounds exciting right? The ice cream mooncakes are usually square or round in shape. The crust is made from dark or white chocolate and the fillings can be an ice cream flavour of your choice. It also consists of egg yolk and is popular among the youth. 

Ice cream mooncakes

Image Courtesy: karendotcom127 used under the Creative Commons Licence

Chocolate Mooncake

The chocolate mooncakes are an emerging trend of mooncakes, and is one of the most popular flavour. The crust is made of chocolate and the fillings vary from berries, oats, oreos and coffee paste to enhance the flavour.

Chocolate Mooncake - Types of mooncakes

 Image Courtesy: karendotcom127 used under the Creative Commons Licence

Vegetable and Fruit Mooncake

This traditional dessert is made healthy by adding fresh vegetables and fruits, and the fillings include pineapple, melon, litchi, strawberry, orange. These mooncakes are soft and smooth.

Seafood Mooncake

Seafood Mooncakes are the most expensive type of mooncakes. They have a fresh, but slightly salty flavour as they are filled with seaweed and abalone (edible sea snails).

Snow Skin Mooncake

Snow skin mooncakes are called so because they are white in colour and are served cold. They are non-baked mooncakes, made with a glutinous rice flour skin and are filled with red beans, lotus seed paste, ice cream or chocolate. It taste wonderful when chilled.


Snow skin mooncakes

Image Courtesy: Catherine Ling used under the Creative Commons   Licence

Green Tea Mooncake

Mooncakes and tea are a traditional combination of Chinese food and together they create a new flavour. The green tea mooncakes are made by adding green tea powder to the other fillings and some lotus paste.

Green tea mooncake - Top Varieties of Mooncakes

Image Courtesy: phuongkim1981 used under the Creative Commons   Licence

Try these traditional flavours of Mooncakes, and celebrate the Moon Festival with your loved ones!

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