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Themed Restaurants in Taiwan

The city of Taipei has made its mark for bizarrely themed cafes. Asian Inspirations brings you a few weirdly themed restaurants in Taiwan:


1. Barbie Café

Barbie Cafe - Themed Restaurants

Photo courtesy of Royalty-free Google images

Ever wanted to feel like Barbie? Here’s your chance. Taiwan has a Barbie-themed restaurant in Taipei District, Taiwan. The Barbie Café is as pink as pink can be. The chairs, tables, food, and the menu – are all in pink. The restaurant is filled with everything ‘Barbie’. The chairs are designed to have lacings on the back. The waitresses’ outfits are pink, complete with tutus and tiaras, while the waiters are dressed like Ken – Barbie’s long-term companion. It is the world’s first Barbie-themed restaurant in the world. So next time you are in Taiwan enjoying a delicious Asian dish, don’t forget to visit the Barbie Café.


2. Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe - Themed Restaurants in Taiwan

Image Courtesy: ivo used under the Creative Commons Licence

Taiwan loves the kitty without a mouth. Not only to do they have Hello Kitty themed beers, aeroplanes and hotel rooms, they have a café too! Soft piano music played in endless loops; desserts complete with a Hello Kitty face on them, the plush pink décor are the highlights of this café located at No 90, Section 1 Daan Road, Daan District, Taipei. The smiling waitresses in their custom French-maid inspired costumes make you feel welcome. The price range of the desserts is between NT$300-360 (S$12.50-15).


3. Tamago Ya Egg Themed Café

Tamago Ya Egg Themed Café

Photo courtesy of Royalty-free Google images

The Tamago Ya Egg Themed Cafe is located on No. 15, Chéngdū Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan. The Japanese have had Omelette Rice speciality stores for a long time. The Tamago Ya offers their Taiwanese customers various egg cuisines along with the famous omelette rice, which is a speciality of Japan.

These themed restaurants certainly put a spin on the way Taiwanese cuisine is relished.

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