Popular Places for Sushi in Tokyo

You could have the best Japanese restaurant in your own neighbourhood. You could be digging into some truly amazing sashimi plated up by the best chefs in the country. But nothing can substitute the quaint charm of standing by the roadside, or sitting in a café or a restaurant in Tokyo, relishing Japanese cuisine’s most popular dish in Japan.

A sushi experience is only ever complete when the dish is relished in Japan. You need a traditional Japanese atmosphere and unmatched service that screams Asian hospitality.

We present to you the best places for Sushi in Tokyo, so you can enjoy the complete Japanese experience.

Sushi Dai

Sushi Dai - Places for Sushi in Tokyo

Image Courtesy: Ronald Tan used under the Creative Commons Licence

You need look no further than Sushi Dai if you’re looking to enjoy some fish for breakfast. Located a few steps from the famous Tsukiji market, this is one of Tokyo’s best restaurants. The chef plates up his specialty of 10 nigiri and one roll, and you forget all about the wait that you had to endure to sit in this restaurant. The sushi is something else here, and you ought not to miss out.


fukuzushi - Places for Sushi in Tokyo

Image Courtesy: fogindex used under the Creative Commons Licence

Family-owned restaurants are the best choice if you’re in search of traditional cuisine. This place is spacious, with a bar and lounge area, making it great for family luncheons and dinners. Each nigiri is coated carefully with wasabi and soy sauce, making it perfectly Asian.

Sukiyabashi Jiro

Sukiyabashi Jiro - Places for Sushi in Tokyo

Image Courtesy: shell belle used under the Creative Commons Licence

This restaurant is all about class, style and complete exclusivity. Here, sushi is not just food, it is an art. The ambience is very traditional, too, so you can get the complete Japanese dining experience. The chef, Jiro Ono, is a world-renowned sushi artist whose dishes are cooked to perfection. The freshness of his fish, the dedicated perfection, and the beautifully plated up sushi will give you a wonderful and memorable experience in Tokyo. This three-star Michelin star restaurant is reason enough to travel to Tokyo!

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