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Thai-Chinese Fusion Dishes

Fusion food is all about mixing and matching different flavours, textures and ingredients. With Asian Inspirations, explore four Thai-Chinese fusion dishes.

1. Pa Thong Ko (Fried Dough sticks with Condensed Milk)


Image Courtesy: Roland Tanglao used under the Creative Commons Licence 

Pa Thong Ko, also known as the Chinese Doughnut, is a long, deep-fried golden brown strip of dough served for breakfast, as an addition to soymilk or Thai rice Congee. The addition of condensed milk to the recipe makes it fluffy and soft. However, the dough is usually salty in flavour. It is the perfectly healthy yet delicious start to the day.

2. Chok (Rice Porridge)


Image Courtesy: Ron Dollete used under the Creative Commons Licence 

This is a rice congee which can be eaten either plain or cooked with additional ingredients such as fish, beef, minced pork and seasoning. In Thailand, it is usually served for breakfast with raw or partially cooked egg. The dish is optionally topped with Pa Thong Ko, slivered ginger, spicy pickles and fried garlic. It’s a full-fledged meal in itself.

3. Bami Haeng Pet (Noodles with Duck and Blood Tofu)


Image Courtesy: hermitsmoores used under the Creative Commons Licence 

Originally a Chinese dish, Bami Haeng Pet has been adapted and made a staple dish by the people of Thailand. The egg noodles are served dry, with slices of braised duck, along with some blood tofu (clotted blood). The broth, rich in flavour, is served on the side. Bami Haeng Pet is a must-try for noodle and meat lovers.

4. Yen Ta Fo (Spicy seafood and Tofu soup)


Image Courtesy: wEnDy used under the Creative Commons Licence 

This pinkish-orange noodle soup is savoured all over Thailand. Yen Ta Fo is an assortment of tasty toppings. Chunks of fish balls, fried tofu, pork, slices of squid, a big crispy chip and rectangles of coagulated blood are served in a bowl. Fermented ingredients, such as soybean, vinegar, pepper, chillies and fish sauce are cooked together to make the broth slightly sweet with a flowery essence. The pinkish-orange colour of this dish comes from the fermented soybean paste, which is pinkish orange in colour.

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