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Special Vietnamese Souvenirs

Besides the joyfulness of discovering a new culture, capturing happy moments in photographs and tasting the exotic flavors of Vietnam, a shopping spree highlights the quintessential Vietnamese trip.

We all love to come back from a magical journey through exotic lands with reminders of what made our experiences so memorable. Shopping in Southeast Asia is altogether a new and refreshing experience. So, to enrich your own trip, here is a sneak peek into some special Vietnamese souvenirs you can take back home with you.

Non la

Non la - Vietnamese Souvenirs

Image Courtesy: hadi used under the Creative Commons Licence

Crafted to perfection, Non la is a conical leaf hat that’s very popular in Vietnam. This hat is available throughout the year and can be worn during every season. It acts as an umbrella during monsoon and shades your face from the sun during summer.

Ao Dai

Ao Dai - Special Vietnamese Souvenirs

Image Courtesy: Cam Ly Dinh used under the Creative Commons Licence

Ao Dai is a Vietnamese dress associated with Non la to enhance the gracefulness of a lady. The trendy Ao Dai reaches the floor and fit the curves of the body by using darts and nipped-in waists. The hippy Ao Dai is brightly coloured and very popular among teenagers.


Silk - Special Vietnamese Souvenirs

Image Courtesy: Madelinetosh used under the Creative Commons Licence

In olden days, silks were considered luxurious in Vietnam and were only available to royalty. But now it has been made available for public at affordable prices. What makes this silks special is that they are made from very simple looms, which is the traditional Vietnamese way of making the fabric. This gives tourists abundant options to choose their own silks.

Sand Picture

Sand painting

Image Courtesy: Brian Pike used under the Creative Commons Licence

Sand painting is the art of pouring coloured sand, powdered pigments from minerals or crystals, and other natural or synthetic sources onto a surface to make a lively picture. Vietnamese sand picture comprises of four categories – landscapes, portraits, labourers and calligraphy. These are beautifully done artworks which will adorn the fireplace or side table in most Vietnamese and traditional Peranakan houses.

Musical Instruments

Instruments - Special Vietnamese Souvenirs

Image Courtesy: wimbledonian used under the Creative Commons Licence

A handmade musical instrument can make a nice memento. Bamboo flutes and mini T’rung are very popular. Since the flute is a small bamboo pipe and T’rung is a knock down instrument, you will find it convenient to carry them back home and assemble them easily.

Shopping tip: Always remember to bargain hard for anything you shop. One trick is to cruise the fixed-price shops and then negotiate with the smaller shops for the items you want to buy.

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