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Soulful soups

Soups are perfect way to warm up on cold chilly evening, especially in winter. Here are our top 3 soulful soups for the week. Pick your favourite, and get cooking.

Sweet corn soup

1. Sweet corn soup: A universal favourite, that’s served around the world, try the Chinese take on this delicious soup. Doubles up as a starter, a light main course and it’s even the perfect comfort food for when you’re feeling under the weather! If you prefer a vegetarian version, just swap out chicken stock with vegetable stock and chicken with tofu.

Miso soup

2. Miso soup: It’s easy and quick to prepare. A typical serving provides about 1/6th of the adult daily requirement of protein. Miso is a  fermented paste of soy beans, barley or rice and salt, which gives it a rich salty aromatic taste. It takes less than 15 minutes to put together and no more than a few ingredients.


Prawn mee soup

3. Prawn mee soup: Egg noodles served in a flavourful soup stock of prawns, pork slices and bean sprouts, topped off with deep-fried shallots and julienned spring onions. It is usually served with freshly cut red chilli slices marinated in soy sauce and lime. A must-try if you want that extra zing.

* Click on the soup names to read the full recipe.

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