Ryogoku Sumo Town

A district of Tokyo, Ryogoku is famous for its sumo stadium. Many sumo stables, chanko restaurants and other sumo-related attractions can also be found here.

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Until the dawn of the 20th century, sumo tournaments were held outdoors at shrines or temples. But in 1909, the first permanent sumo hall was built in Ryogoku. Since then, the area has become one of Tokyo’s best-loved districts for witnessing a sumo event.

Sumo stables, the places where sumo wrestlers live and train, are several in number in Ryogoku. At some of these stables, it is not uncommon to see wrestlers practising in the early hours of the morning.

Ryogoku Sumo Town

Image Courtesy: Gnurou used under the Creative Commons Licence

When it comes to restaurants, and plating up the wrestlers’ favourite dishes, Ryogoku does not disappoint. There are several stalls and restaurants that sell chanko nabe, the staple food of sumo wrestlers. It is a hot pot dish which comes in several varieties, containing vegetables, seafood and assorted meats from Japanese cuisine.

There are other places of interest in and around the Ryogoku area. Within walking distance of the local station, is the sumo stadium, where you can witness the fights and be enthralled by them. Even the Edo-Tokyo Museum stands nearby, with plenty of history and culture within its walls.

All in all, a trip to Ryogoku Sumo Town is well worth your time. Be sure to visit this place!

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