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Pulau Tioman

Like a mythical serpent, the dim green edges of the Pulau Tioman (Tioman Island) ascend over the waters of the South China Sea. On closer investigation, the monster’s dim green scales turn into giant trees amid wilderness; the ash hooks transform into titan rock stones and the mythical serpent’s horns change into twin tops with smooth, straight bluffs, with swirls of fog encompassing them.

Pulau Tioman - Tioman Island

Image Courtesy: gratpic used under the Creative Commons Licence

The monster-like appearance of the Tioman Island is a famous legend that has stood the test of time. A mythical serpent princess from China was traveling to her ruler in Singapore and stopped to rest in these smooth, warm waters. Captivated by the excellence of the territory, and the waves lapping at her sides, she put her travel on hold and stayed back on the island.

Lavish tropical wilderness covers around 12,000 hectares of the island and a number of mountain streams and waterfalls cradle the numerous flora and fauna. The water around the island is filled with corals of all shapes and colours and is home to an immeasurable variety of ocean animals, including two types of marine turtles. There are a couple of shorelines on Tioman, and these bends of sand are normally tucked away at the edges of towns or fronting one of the many resorts.

Tioman has options for all sorts of tourists: families with youngsters, honeymooners, scuba divers, explorers, globe-trotters and even those searching for a slice of extravagance. Most places to stay are bunched around the towns that are spotted along Tioman’s coastline while there are a couple of little resorts around private shoreline bays.

Tioman is the biggest in a volcanic gathering of islands off the east shore of peninsular Malaysia. Getting there is easy as there is both a ship administration from Mersing on the terrain and an airplane terminal on the island itself.

Tioman is a delightful, well-known and reasonable holiday destination so go ahead, plan your next island getaway and create that wonderful travel experience.

Pulau Tioman - Tioman Island
Image Courtesy: YL Tan used under the Creative Commons Licence

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