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Petaling Street – A Shopper’s Heaven!

Petaling Street is the centre of Kuala Lampur’s original Chinatown and is known for its vibrant stalls and shopping experience.

While you can shop for anything from incense sticks to gems and toys, the true grandeur of this market can be witnessed at night. Food is plenty and has a wide variety to offer. While locals flock to the market for the best bargains, tourists are often enthralled by the options available. Be prepared to sweat it out at the Petaling Street because it can get really crowded and noisy, but that’s part of the whole experience.

petaling street kaula lampur

Image Courtesy: Conny Sandland used under the Creative Commons Licence

Known for its accessory shopping and imitation goods, this place is great for the brand-lovers without having to shell out too much money. Be prepared to bargain a lot though. Most of the stalls sell the same products, but at different rates. So make sure that you go around exploring before deciding to settle down with goods from just one stall.


Image Courtesy: Rob M used under the Creative Commons Licence

Hop on to a monorail to reach the iconic Petaling Street and begin your adventure. The place has a lot of gemstones and fine accessories on display – but make sure you bargain pretty much as the prices as hiked up to approximately 35% most of the times.

When in Petaling Street, make sure you don’t miss out on the food while immersed in shopping and bargaining. Petaling Street offers different varieties of food amidst the frenzy. From delicacies such as Roast Duck at Sze Ngan Chye and Chee Cheeong Fun at the Kim Lian Kee stall, to Hokkien Mee at the Kim Soya Bean stall, Petaling Street is a storehouse of deliciousness. Other famous dishes include Wanton Noodles served with Barbecue pork, choy sum, and wantons, sweet potato balls, Nam Heong Chicken Rice, and much more.


Image Courtesy: IQRemix used under the Creative Commons Licence

With the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee wafting across the street, Petaling Street is best visited after sunset, while making sure you carry a lot of patience and negotiation skills along with you.

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