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Nyonya Kuih

Bite-sized snacks are your best companion when you’re out travelling in an unknown land. Keep a packet full of them in your pocket and carry them wherever you go. They can be potato chips, French fries or cheese balls, too.

In Southeast Asian cuisine, snacks take on a whole new taste, flavour and appearance. This is what makes them so tasty and enticing.

In Malaysia, for instance, one of the most popular snacks is Kuih, which is mainly dessert food. Made from a variety of authentic Asian ingredients, these desserts are relished in the form of cakes, cookies, dumplings, pastries, biscuits and pudding. Commonly used ingredients include aromatic Pandan, silky taro, creamy coconut milk, luxurious shredded coconut, fragrant rose syrup, delicious cocoa, healthy fruits, glutinous rice flour, tapioca flour and even sago flour.

Red bean paste, Mung bean paste, lotus paste, peanuts and sesame seeds are commonly used, too. As for savoury Kuih, they incorporate ingredients such as crispy dried shrimp, fiery curry pastes, juicy Daikon radish and succulent prawns.

The variety is endless so do don’t be afraid to explore, and mix and match to find your own favorite Kuih.

Nyonya Kuih
Image Courtesy: Alpha used under the Creative Commons Licence

Authentic Nyonya Kuih aren’t just desserts. They can even be eaten as a light breakfast or with evening tea. they are colourful, and come with a wide variety of tastes and appearances. While some are steamed, some others are grilled in coconut leaves, while some others still are deep fried.

Asia is full of fun, colourful food. So, try Nyonya Kuih, and treat those taste buds.

Nyonya Kuih

Image Courtesy: chotda used under the Creative Commons Licence


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