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Must-visit in Thailand – Wat Umong

A 700-year-old Buddhist temple located in Chiang Mai in Thailand, Wat Umong is nestled against the mountains of Doi Suthep. It is surrounded by a peaceful setting that offers visitors of complete tranquillity.

Wat Umong

Image Courtesy: Sarah Karlson used under the Creative Commons Licence

Wat Umong was built as far back as 1297, by a ruler of the Lan Na dynasty, King Manglai. What is interesting to see here, is how Thai culture has been influenced by the traditions, culture and architecture of India. Standing in support of this observation is a replica of the Ashoka Pillar that’s very similar in appearance to the one at Vaishali, India, with four lions and a wheel, and an additional wheel on top to act as an umbrella for the lions.

The whole temple complex is a marvellous stretch of wooded grounds. Wat Umong also has many ancient tunnels which were built by King Manglai and painted with bush scenes. Supposedly, this was done to keep a deranged monk within the monastery, as he had a habit of wandering off the grounds.

Wat Umong Thailand

Image Courtesy: Mr & Mrs Backpacker used under the Creative Commons Licence

There are other attractions here, too. There is a field of broken sculptures, a Spiritual Theatre of paintings and a library-museum where you can find may books on Buddhism and philosophies. This temple is certainly unique. So, make sure you add this must-visit in Thailand – Wat umong – to your travel experience.

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