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Must-visit in Thailand – Wat Arun

Thailand is home to a great number of beautiful temples. Structures like Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho have enticed and enthralled travellers for decades now.

Wat Arun
Image Courtesy: Mark Fischer used under the Creative Commons Licence

Another one of the country’s most spectacular temples is Wat Arun. A Buddhist temple located in Bangkok, Wat Arun gets its name from the Indian god, Aruna (who is often personified as the resplendent rays of the sun).

The central tower or prang is Wat Arun’s most striking feature. Encrusted with porcelain, this tower is colourful and beautiful, with pearly seashells embellishing the surfaces. The surrounding towers, too, are similarly decorated, albeit less lavishly.

Thailand Wat Arun
Image Courtesy: Misterfred used under the Creative Commons Licence

The workmanship at the temple is awe-inspiring. Sculptures of demons and monkeys stand guard at the base of Wat Arun’s impressive towers while figures of Chinese soldiers and animals decorate the base of the central tower. Atop the second terrace of the tower, stand tall figures of the Hindu God Indra. All these are indicative of the the influence of several Asian cultures on Thai culture.

Wat Arun often features in Thailand’s popular festivals, such as Kathina, a Buddhist Festival which is celebrated at the end of Vassa ( a three month annual retreat observed by Theravada Buddhists).

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