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Must-visit in Thailand: Phang Nga Bay

Limestone cliffs, collapsed caves, archaeological sites, and emerald green waters. These are just few of the attractions of this must-visit in Thailand: Phang Nga Bay, nestled between the island of Phuket and the mainland of the Malay peninsula of southern Thailand.

pha nga bay

Photo courtesy of Shark Attacks used under the Creative Commons Licence

The bay is a patchwork of dozens of small islands located between Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi. Ko Bon has a sandy white beach where you can swim with the exotic species of fish Thailand has. Dusk is particularly beautiful here, as you clutch a cocktail and watch the sun disappear into the crystal clear waters. The more adventurous side of you might want to visit the Ko Hae, or Coral Island. In addition to the splendid reefs that border the island, there are opportunities to go deep-sea diving and engage in fierce watersports. Ko Racha Hai and Ko Racha Noi are twin islands which are known to be an exclusive paradise for divers. To leave Phang Nga Bay without marvelling at its culture is a crime, so head on to Ko Yao, a group of islands which house some of the best cave paintings extending from 2,000 years ago to the last century.

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Photo courtesy of Lutz used under the Creative Commons Licence

These are the must-visit islands in the Phang Nga Bay. But you still haven’t seen it all unless you see the famed Koh Ta-pu, otherwise known as the James Bond Island. This famous landmark marked its spot on the international map through its role in the James Bond flick, “The Man with the Golden Gun”. After visiting the Koh Ta-pu, pay a visit to the village of Koh Panyee. It is built wholly on stilts over water, with a monolith guarding its rear. Here is where you can shop for trinkets, handicrafts and souvenirs. The village transforms into a quiet community of fisherman as soon as the sun goes down and all the tourist retreat to their cottages.

Phang Nga Bay is also a superb place for boating. With the clear skies above and glittering waters below, and a gorgeous backdrop of limestone cliffs, boating along the bay is a real treat. Also, when you go boating along the bay, you discover a few lost worlds. Inside some of the islands are hidden unspoiled flora and fauna which will make the photographer in you remain glued to the camera.

Phang Nga Bay is a must-see sight for all those who want to travel experience Thailand and all that it holds. From spelunking in the caves of the many islands, to relaxing on their sandy beaches, it is undoubtedly a wonderful ride.

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