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Must-visit in Japan – Osaka Castle

The castles standing tall atop the wooded mountains of Europe are certainly majestic. But stealing the limelight from them is a rather magnificent Japanese castle in Chuo-ku, Osaka. One of the country’s major landmarks, it is famous for having played an important role in the unification of Japan, back in the 16th century.

Osaka Castle
Image Courtesy: Chee Kweng Teoh used under the Creative Commons Licence

With envious trademark Asian architectural styles beautifying its every inch, the Osaka Castle is a brilliant structure which attracts several thousand visitors from all over the world. Its main tower itself is breathtaking. Mounted on a plot of land around a square kilometre, the tower is mounted on a couple of raised platforms of landfill. These platforms are held together by walls of cut rock which overlook a moat. The sight is quite amazing.

Osaka Castle Japan
Image Courtesy: usagidono00812 used under the Creative Commons Licence

The grounds surrounding the Osaka Castle are truly a sight to behold. Lovely cherry blossoms colour the grounds with pink beauty, while the western gate stands testimony to the fact that the Japanese were in fact prolific architects. The view from the roof has enthralled travellers for years. The main tower attracts thousands of people from all over the world, for the panoramic view from there is said to be excellent.

The Osaka castle ranks as one of the top destinations in Japan. So, make sue you make it part of your travel experience!

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