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Must-visit in Japan – Nara

Nara, earlier Heiji-kyu, was the first permanent capital of Japan, almost thirteen hundred years ago. It comprises eight UNESCOs World Heritage Sites, making it a cultural and historical marvel.

The main sight to behold, which is touted as Japan’s most sought-after sight, is that of the Daibutsu, or Great Buddha. The Buddha is placed in a temple that oversees a park, lending itself to serenity and awe-inspiring purity.


Image Courtesy: Agustin Rafael Reyes used under the Creative Commons Licence

Being a historic wonder, Nara is full of hidden treasures and houses Japan’s oldest and largest temples. The temples of Nara are collectively known as the Nanto Shichi Daiji.

Apart from the Buddha, the most endearing quality about Nara is its small size. This effectively means that you can soak in all the sights and wonders in just a day.

Nara is located about half an hour from Kyoto and Osaka, which means it’s a convenient day trip for most tourists.

nara japan

Image Courtesy: Aurelio Asiain used under the Creative Commons Licence

The climate of Nara lends itself perfectly to this picturesque, quaint town. The temperatures are comfortable through the year, especially during spring and fall. The cherry blossoms sights in the spring and the mountainous greenery in autumn are particularly breathtaking sights to take in.

There is much amazement held in Asia. So, the next time you’re backpacking through the continent, make sure you visit this must-visit in Japan – Nara.

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