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Must-visit in China – Yu Garden

Right in the middle of Shanghai city, surrounded by amazing scenery, you can find the magnificent Yuyuan Garden, simply known as Yu Garden.

Yuyuan Garden
Image Courtesy: SteFou used under the Creative Commons Licence

According to tales embedded in Chinese culture, the garden was built during the Ming Dynasty. The beautiful layout and the stunning greenery, along with the artistic architecture, have made this garden one of the oft-visited places in Shanghai. People believe that the garden was the private property of the Pan family in the Ming Dynasty.

Yu Garden
Image Courtesy: Vark1 used under the Creative Commons Licence

The garden’s sprawling complex includes huge halls and a few buildings. Old furniture, paintings and calligraphy by famous artists o fold adorn the complex. One can also find many beautiful clay sculptures and brick carvings. The Jade Rock is, without doubt, one the main highlights of the garden.  It has been made popular by its peculiar, wrinkled appearance, and its slender, translucent nature.

Yu Garden is a definite must-visit while in China. It is a hugely satisfying experience, and allows you to soak up Chinese culture. There is even a market nearby, where stalls stand waiting to sell beautiful souvenirs to eager tourists, so, don’t miss out on this wonderful destination!

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