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Must-visit in China – Shamian Island

Shamian, formerly known as Shicuizhou or Zhongliusha, is a sandbar in Guangzhou City, China.

This island became very popular during the early 2000’s, attracting many visitors and travellers onto its shores. It was considered the best place for a relaxing stroll. The atmosphere is so calm, that you can never complain about the long walks across the island.

Shamian Island
Image Courtesy: Stephen Zopf used under the Creative Commons Licence

Shamian island is carefully planned, with the entire area is divided into 12 parts: Shamian Avenue, Shamian South, and North Avenue and five north-south streets.

This historical island served as a port for the foreign trade by Guangzhou. Soon, it grew to become a strategic point safeguarding the city during the Second Opium War. In 1859, the whole was bifurcated into two sections, given to United Kingdom and France. The island was provided with proper drainage, streets and several buildings.

China - Shamian Island
Image Courtesy: Eduardo M C used under the Creative Commons Licence

Between the 1800’s and 1900’s, most of the important public facilities were put in place, including political and cultural buildings like schools and churches. The construction of commercial buildings like firms and banks were completed, too.

It is the strange beauty of Shamian island that attracts businessmen and travellers. Although it doesn’t boast of great glitz and glamour, you would still do well to pay it a visit to complete your Chinese travel experience.

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