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Must-visit in China – Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou Valley is a nature reserve and national park located in the north of Sichuan, China. Located at an altitude of over 2,000 meters, this wonderland is known for its waterscapes. Visitors marvel at the gorgeous panorama of freshwater springs, waterfalls and rivers that paint the landscape.

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Image Courtesy: oarranzli used under the Creative Commons Licence

Thick vegetation embraces the valley, so that the greenery appears like a blanket around the sheet of blue waters. The national park is also home to exotic wildlife: rare and endangered species like the giant panda, golden monkey, gnu, white-lip deer, red-belly golden pheasant, snow leopard, forest musk deer, and otters. It is no wonder that this park is a favourite haunt of bird-watchers from all over the country.

Jiuzhaigou is incredibly picturesque. The waterfalls are the highlight of the landscape. Many travellers stand for hours, taking in its imposing beauty.

Jiuzhaigou waterfalls

Image Courtesy: Sjekster used under the Creative Commons Licence

In autumn, the mountains, valleys and lakes are blanketed in bright autumn colours, making the place a picture of breathtaking beauty. The melange of red, yellow, orange and brown colours make Jiuzhaigou a natural wonder.

It is not just autumn that makes Jiuzhaigou beautiful. Spring certainly agrees with the park. The colour green shrouds the mountains, and the lakes suddenly take on a peaceful appearance. Strolling under pleasant blue skies is something to look forward to in spring, for you can enjoy the colour of the ocean and the surrounding verdant trees.

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