Must-visit in China – Jade Buddha Temple

The Jade Buddha Temple is a very famous Buddhist temple in Shanghai, China. Its magnificent white Jade Burmese Buddha statues have drawn the attention of travellers for ages. It is also a very important part of Chinese culture.

Jade Buddha Temple
Image Courtesy: Marshall Segal used under the Creative Commons Licence

Locally known as Yu Fo Si, this temple was founded in 1882. It houses two white jade Buddhas brought from Burma by a monk of Putuo Shan. Destroyed and then abandoned after 1911, the temple was rebuilt in 1918- 28. The temple is now open to both foreign tourists as well as the local devotees.

Things to See at Jade Buddha Temple

The Jade Buddha Temple is one the best temples in Asia. Its architecture reflects the standard Song Dynasty Style, and the Temple has two Buddhas within its grand premises.  Both the statues are made of stunning white Jade. Among the two, the more impressive one is the seated Buddha which is 2 meters tall, and adorned with semi-precious stones. The other statue of Buddha is serene with a height of 1 meter.

Jade Buddha
Image Courtesy: Dennis Jarvis used under the Creative Commons Licence

The temple consists of Hall of Four Heavenly King, abbot room, Grand Hall, public restaurant and Jade Buddha Chamber. Two gates open into the Hall of Four Heavenly King. This hall treasures Maitreya and Four Heavenly King (who signifies favourable circumstance). The Grand Hall consists of the statues of Three Golden Buddha.

At the north entrance of the Grand Hall, you will find the statue of Avalokitevara. The Jade Buddha Chamber protects the sitting Jade Buddha weighing 1 ton on the left in the second floor.

Add this must-see destination to your travel plans, for the serene and peaceful atmosphere surrounding the temple of the Jade Buddha will help you relax and unwind.

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