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Must-visit in Asia – Potala Palace

Perched on the Red Hill of Central Lhasa, Tibet, Potala Palace is one of the most ancient palaces in the world. It is of great importance to everyone with even the slightest interest in Asian culture.

This place is named after a holy hill in South India. It means ‘Abode of the Avalokitesvara’ in Sanskrit. It stands as a symbol of Tibetan Buddhism.

China - Potala Palace
Image Courtesy: Will De Freitas used under the Creative Commons Licence

The Historical Ensemble of The Potala Palace owns tens of thousands of huge collections of various cultural relics that are a very important part of Chinese culture.

Wall paintings in the palace are extremely rich in themes and are one the best displays of Asian art. The architectural typology and historic background remains intact, a mark of how important this monument is in Asia.

The Red Palace is part of the Potala palace that is fully devoted to religious study and Buddhist prayer. It consists of a convoluted layout of many several halls, chapels and libraries on many different levels with a complex array of smaller galleries and meandering passages.

The Potala Palace has three components: Norbulingka, Jokhang Temple and The Potala Palace, the last of which was included in the World Heritage List in the year 1994, making it a real must-visit in Asia.

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