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Must-see in Japan – Tokyo Tower

One of the most iconic landmarks that is synonymous with Tokyo is the Tokyo Tower standing tall at 333m from ground level, slightly taller than the Eiffel Tower.

Offering a truly spectacular view of the entire city, the tower is the second tallest structure in Japan.

The Tokyo tower was built in 1958, to serve as an antenna. In fact, over 150 million people have visited the tower since its opening. The total cost of building the structure was 3 billion yen at that time, and required almost two years for completion. The structure is painted white and international orange to comply with air safety regulations.

Tokyo Tower

Image Courtesy: bizmac used under the Creative Commons Licence

The tower has an observation platform at 150 meters and a special observation platform at 250 meters. It is illuminated during the night with each changing season which renders a truly beautiful look to the majestic structure.

The base of the tower has a four-storied building known as ‘Foot Town’. You can go up to one of the observation decks for a small fee, but you will have to pay an additional fee if you want to go higher.

The first floor houses an aquarium, reception hall, a tower restaurant, convenience store and a souvenir shop. From here you can take the elevator to the main observatory.

The second floor is primarily a food and shopping area along with a Shinto shrine near the main observatory.

The third floor has a Guinness World Records museum which houses many interesting records that have been authenticated by the Guinness book. It also has a wax museum, which is Asia’s biggest and displays wax figures of famous icons and celebrities.

Tokyo Tower Japan

Image Courtesy: Alex Chen used under the Creative Commons Licence

An art gallery displaying paintings and objects with many optical illusions is on the fourth floor. The tower also has a small amusement park which is a great attraction for children.

The main source of revenue for the tower is tourism and antenna leasing. The Tokyo tower uses two kinds of lights, the Landmark Light and the Diamond Veil.

The landmark light is the standard lighting for the tower, which shine in orange-based colour during winter and white-based colour during summer.

The Diamond veil lights shine outwards from the tower and has 17 layers which change into 7 different colours. It is lit only on Saturdays with a stipulated time.

The seven colours of the diamond veil have significance for each colour to symbolise hope, celebration, peace, happiness, success, love, life and gratitude.

So make sure you visit Tokyo over the weekend to enjoy the illumination of the tower in all its glory.

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