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Must-Eats in Macau

Travel often. Eat more often.

Macau’s food is as interesting as its culture and history. It is known to serve some of the best street foods there are to offer. Here are the five must-eats in Macau that you should absolutely indulge in.


1. Portuguese egg tarts


Portuguese egg tarts

Image Courtesy: Ivy_GD used under the Creative Commons Licence

Chinese Tea Eggs are wonderful snacks from the Asian cuisine. But the single, most popular dish in Macau, the Portuguese egg tarts are an absolute delight to your taste buds. A flaky pastry shell, with a filling of sweet egg custard and a caramelised top, the egg tart is best eaten warm, and can be found all over Macau. From small joints to five star hotels, everybody is fond of the Portuguese egg tart. And once you’ve tried it, you’ll know why.


2. Pork chop buns


Pork chop buns

Image Courtesy: xmascarol used under the Creative Commons Licence

An experience of a kind for a meat lover, the pork chop bun is literally a seasoned and flavourful pork chop sandwiched between soft and succulent buns. The crunch of the buns and the juicy pork inside is a heavenly combination that you must not miss.


3. Serradura



Image Courtesy: ImipolexG used under the Creative Commons Licence

“Sawdust” or Serradura is a rather different and exclusive dessert from Macau. A layered dessert of finely crushed sweet biscuits, cream, condensed milk and vanilla make this an irresistible delicacy. It may be served as a chilled pudding or as an ice-cream. Dig into this one-of-a-kind dessert and get ready to be blown over.


4. Almond Cookies and Sweet Pork Jerky


Almond Cookies and Sweet Pork Jerky

Image Courtesy: kawaiikiri used under the Creative Commons Licence

Although an unlikely pair, almond cookies and sweet pork jerky are often sold at the same shop and are available all over Macau. The almond cookies have a nutty flavour and are made with mung bean flour. You will also find a wide variety of dried meats ranging from spicy beef to wild boar. The shops give you the option to taste before you buy. Can it get any better?


5. Double Skin Steamed Milk Pudding


Double Skin Steamed Milk Pudding

Image Courtesy: Sean Ganann used under the Creative Commons Licence

This dish is made with whole milk, egg and sugar. You may order it warm or cold, it tastes heavenly both ways. A delicate flavour and silky pudding consistency, this dessert is a melt in the mouth and an absolute favourite among dessert lovers.


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