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Must-eat in Thailand – Yam Mamuang

There is plenty to enjoy in Thailand. The country’s culture will delight you, its balmy beaches will soothe you, and the delectable cuisine will leave you wanting more.

One of the best dishes you can come across in Thai cuisine is yam mamuang. Made of raw mangoes, this dish is a salad with the perfect amount of acidic flavour. The palm sugar present in this salad will surprise you, but it adds a great deal of taste to this delicacy.

Yam Mamuang
Image Courtesy: Dorami Chan used under the Creative Commons Licence

Most travellers will tell you that this salad is best eaten as a meal itself, but in truth, it is best eaten as an appetiser before a larger meal. Many sea-side shacks plate it up beautifully with traditional Asian drinks like avocado shakes, or else citric favourites such as orange or lemon juice.

Yam mamuang is made with mangoes that are a week old and unripe. Unripe mangoes are used because they tend to be ever so slightly crispy and perfect for salads.

Some chefs across Asia have taken this dish to a whole new level by mixing in daikon, prawns and fish sauce to give the dish some additional punch. Street vendors , on the other hand, keep it simple with a lime juice dressing.

This dish is often eaten as a healthy snack, for it is packed with protein and nutrition. Sometimes, it is served with grilled chicken and sticky rice. A dash of chilli sauce adds some amazing authentic Asian flavour to yam mamuang. If you’re making it at home, be sure to try adding a small cup of chopped garlic – it works wonders!

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