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Must-eat in Thailand – Nam Prik

Asian cuisine is all about variety – variety in flavours, variety in textures, and variety in aromas. The platters of Southeast Asia are so vibrant and diverse, that no one taste can be associated with them. Therein lies their beauty.

When it comes to Thai cuisine, you have a plethora of dishes to choose from. The average menu will leave you bewildered. We help you pick the best of the best!

Nam Prik
Image Courtesy: Karen Bulmberg used under the Creative Commons Licence

Nam Prik is a delicious, everyday curry┬áin Thailand. It is a condiment that’s served up with a number of dishes, but it is best eaten with an assortment of fresh vegetables, which makes it an automatic vegetarian’s delight.

Made of chillies, shallots, lime juice and garlic, nam prik is a local favourite. While vegetarians will be happy with these ingredients, the rest will be happy with a variation that includes fish and shrimp paste. There are other variations, too. The most popular ones include nam prik pla, nam prik kaphi and nam prik pla raa. These are mostly eaten with hot sticky rice or noodles.

This condiment is a delicious addition to your salad plate. So, next time you’re in an Asian restaurant, or travelling around Asia, make sure you order a small cup of this must-eat in Thailand – nam prik.

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