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Must-eat in Thailand – Kanom Jeen

An authentic Asian experience is rarely complete without a plate of Kanom Jeen. Whether noodles are relished inside a softly-lit restaurant with tall glasses of wine, or by the street side under a large umbrella with a side of lemonade, they are completely enjoyable.

Kanom Jeen

Image Courtesy: Alpha used under the Creative Commons Licence

When in Thailand, you simply have to dig into a plate of kanom jeen, a type of traditional Thai noodles made from thin, mild tasting fermented rice. This variety of Asian noodles carries all the authentic flavours of Thailand beautifully.

Kanom jeen is served in a variety of stock ranging from coconut milk to fish curry to Thai green curry to chilli. Popular kanom jeen accompaniments include fish-based sauces and Thai spicy soups. Some people also prefer to eat it with a spicy Thai papaya salad, especially in winter.

Kanom Jeen noodles

Image Courtesy: Karen Blumberg used under the Creative Commons Licence

Some street vendors like to experiment a little. Usually, they serve kanom jeen with pickle cabbage and raw sprouts. Banana blossoms, lentils, basil, bitter melon and morning glory are also used to plate up this dish creatively. In northeastern Thailand, parsley is the favourite garnish for this dish, whereas in the south, olives and pickles are the local favourites.

With so much fun and flavour packed into one delicacy, be sure not to miss out on this must-eat in Thailand – kanom jeen!

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