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Must-eat in Thailand – Jim Jum

A street food that’s wildly popular in Thailand, jim jum is derived from two Thai words – ‘jim’ and ‘jum’, with ‘jim’ signifying dipping, and ‘jum’ signifying dropping something into a liquid.

Chefs across Asia say that the name of this dish comes from the way in which it is cooked. It is prepared in a small clay pot that is placed above a charcoal stove. Pork (or chicken) is the main ingredient in this dish, and it is complimented by sweet basil, kaffir lime, lemongrass and galangal.

Jim Jum

Image Courtesy: sivanelle used under the Creative Commons Licence

Some variations of jim jum include seafood and fresh vegetables. Bowls of spicy sauces are also popular accompaniments in Thailand. The meat is eaten using chopsticks, and you can enjoy authentic Asian flavour by dipping the pieces in hot broths on cold wintry nights.

Jim jum is seasoned with fresh coriander and pounded ginger. Sprinkles of hot sauce, too, adds a lot of flavour to this dish, and make it look attractive.

Thailand Jim Jum

Image Courtesy: Mat Dubzz used under the Creative Commons Licence

Jim Jum is a healthy dish with minimal fat content. It is also a great way to increase your vegetable intake.

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