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Must-eat in Thailand – Fried Bananas

Across Asia, you will find yourself taking in new sights, sounds, and experiences. Most of these will have a lot to do with stunning landscapes, interesting history and culture, and of course, the local cuisine. All of these put together help create some truly wonderful memories.

Most travellers, however, assert that it is the local cuisine that often becomes the highlight of their travels. Asian Inspirations delves deep into the mysterious corners of Thailand, and lets you in on some of the must-eats in the country.

Fried Bananas
Image Courtesy: Sandor Weisz used under the Creative Commons Licence

One of Thailand’s most popular dishes is the sweet and delightful Fried Banana. In Thailand, most people who make and sell fried bananas use the local favourite – the burro banana. This variety is favoured above all else. Thinly sliced and batter-fried to perfection, these delights will stay with you long after you’ve left Thailand.

It is the combination of rice flour, wheat flour, and finely grated coconut that lends this delicacy its special and most unique taste. This batter gives fried bananas their crispy crust, which, when embellished with sesame seeds, makes this dish an absolute must-have.

So, do not hesitate before ordering yourself of this must-eat in Thailandfried bananas. A plate of these will make your travel experience that much more delicious!

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