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Must-eat in Thailand – Fish Cakes

A common street food in Thailand, fish cakes are relished by locals and tourists alike. Prepared on a hot wok, these little delights are relished greatly across Southeast Asia.

Fish Cakes

Image Courtesy: stu_spivack used under the Creative Commons Licence

Compared to most Western cake recipes, Thai fish cakes are more flavourful simply because of the variety they pack in their layers. Contrary to what most people think, this dish is not batter-fried, even though its appearance suggests so. They are deep-fried, which allows the fresh taste of fish to mingle with springy herbs and sharp spices that Thai cuisine is so famous for.

Fish cakes are a delicious combination of the best of Asian cuisine – seafood, coconut milk, fresh lime, galangal, garlic and chillies. When these flavours are brought together, they create a dish that is authentic and sumptuous.

Thai Fish Cakes

Image Courtesy: Blue moon in her eyes used under the Creative Commons Licence

Most street vendors in and around Thailand will serve fish cakes with an assortment of accompaniments that range from a simple plate of sticky white rice to chopped cucumber to Thai sweet chilli sauce. But this dish is so delicious, that it doesn’t really matter what it’s eaten with!

So, grab a plate and sit down to this must-eat in Thailand – fish cakes.

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