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Must-eat in Thailand – Duck Rice

A backpacker’s paradise, Thailand’s cities, towns and countryside brim with plenty of small restaurants that serve up simple yet delicious dishes from the local cuisine.

Aromatic and flavourful, relishing Thai delicacies along the road are a great way to enhance your travel experiences. One dish that you could try along your journey is Duck Rice.

Duck Rice
Image Courtesy: soma-samui.com used under the Creative Commons Licence

Duck rice is among Thailand’s most delectable dishes. It tastes as good as it looks, and you won’t find very many travellers who have sampled it and disliked it.

Made with authentic, traditional Asian ingredients like pickled ginger, dark soy sauce and chopped green chillies, duck rice is packed with true Thai flavour. This dish makes use of roasted duck in a wonderful way, as it pairs it with a plate of sticky rice, lending it that fresh taste.

Some chefs and street vendors fry the rice with sweet soy sauce, and sprinkle the rice with spring onions and coriander leaves, topping everything with a handful of dried red chillies, which give a pungent punch to the otherwise bland rice. The roasted duck is then mixed in with a bit of white pepper and vinegar.

The best way to enjoy your duck rice is to place the roasted duck over the plate of rice, and dip with sauces such as Thai sweet chilli. Just make sure you dig into this must-eat in Thailand – duck rice – for that wholesome Asian experience.

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